Online Resources

  • Will Rogers Middle School and San Juan Unified provide a variety of online resources for students to work collaboratively where ever they're at. You can use the links below or to the left to reach the login page for each resource. 


    Schoology provides an online community where teachers, parents and students can work collaboratively and organize instructional materials.  

    Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

    Students can login to securely use Google documents and other resources. Students must login with their school credentials and not other Google credentials.  

    San Juan SIS Student Portal

    Parents and guardians can now go online to check students scores, attendance and grades.  


    Planning for the future is a big part of middle school. Naviance offers resources for students, parents and school staff to help organize and plan for a students future in college or career.  

    Rogers Ebooks

    This is Will Rogers online library.  
Last Modified on May 18, 2014