Will Rogers Dress Code

  • Tops must have straps. The measurement from above the collarbone to the lowest part of the shirt’s neck must be no more than 4 inches. Shirts must extend past the beltline. Inseams on shorts must be at least 3 inches.

    The measurement from the bottom of dresses and skirts to the center of the kneecap must be no more than 6 inches.

    Undergarments may not be exposed.


    • Hats may be allowed in class with teacher discretion.
    • Bandanas, skull caps, head-nets, etc. are not allowed.


    • Shoes must be worn at all times.
    • For safety and comfort athletic shoes are to be worn in PE class.



    • Sunglasses must be removed in class.
    • Spike collars or hanging chains are not allowed.
    • Belt buckles must be appropriate. Excess belt that hangs down may not exceed 3 inches.


    • Undergarments, torso, chest, backs and stomachs must be covered at all times (Even when you raise your hand or move around)
    • Any fashion or attire that creates a distraction to the educational environment is not allowed.
    • Messages or pictures on clothes and backpacks should be respectful. No sexual, drug, alcohol, or tobacco messages, no gang symbols or affiliations, no profanity, racial slurs, putdowns, violence, weapons, intimidation etc. Any fashion/attire that is considered by school officials and/or law enforcement to present a safety concern is not allowed.
    • District guide lines apply for all theme based Dress Days and must be followed.


    The appropriateness of any clothing in question will be left to the discretion of the Will Rogers Middle School teachers and administration. Students who fail to dress responsibly and follow the above guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action.



Last Modified on July 27, 2021