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    This first quarter will be much different than the last two months of the last academic year. Students will be held accountable for attendance and completing assignments to show content mastery. Despite being at home and online, students will be expected to particpate as if they were on campus with teachers. It is imperative that students take the distance learning model seriously and complete the assignments in a timely manner and to the best of the ability. The course expectations and the grading scale will be the same as it was before we left on March 13. 

    Please be patient with the teachers as we continue to fine-tune curriculum that was originally designed for on-campus delivery. The teachers pledge to be patient with you. We realize and atnticpste that theyre will be technical glitches if not outright outages. We will make the adjustments and get through this trying time as better teachers and young scholars. We truly are in this together and we remain singulary motivated to make your time in our classrooms productive, memorable and fun.


    Mark Billingsley

    (916) 482-5420 



    Here are some suggestions on how to create a successful Distance Learning Environment: 


    1. Create a work space for your student. We recommend that this space is where your student will participate in zoom meetings, complete classwork, and keep their supplies. Make sure to have a system for storing these supplies. It is important that students feel a sense of organization and structure.


    2. Make sure your student has breakfast and is dressed in appropriate school attire to start their day (no pajamas, inappropriate logos, etc). This helps students approach their learning with the right mindset and brain fuel.


    3. Allow plenty of time to login into Zoom calls each day. Allowing extra time assures that your student is ready to go for their learning. 


    4. Approaching this challenging situation with a positive mindset will help your student get the most out of our distance-learning program.


    5. Unlike last year, we will be taking attendance for each class period. It is important that your student attends the daily zoom calls. It is also required that your student complete all assignments.   All assignments are worth points; these points calculate towards their academic grade for each course.  We use traditional A-F grading.  


    6. Please make sure your contact information is updated in the portal. Email will be our primary form of communication with guardians. It is extremely important that your email is entered correctly.  


    This website is used as a welcome space, and not updated throughout the school year.  Student Portal, Zoom, and Google Classroom will be the distance learning platform.  Even though we will have ample time to discuss our assignments and curriculum during face-to-face Zoom calls, there may be questions that come up outside of our Bell Schedule.  


    If this occurs, please email me: mark.billingsley@sanjuan.edu


     During Distance Learning, students will be expected to log into Student Portal as if they were 'walking onto campus.'  Joining our Zoom and opening up Google Classroom is like 'stepping into Room E2.'   


    Mr. B's Schedule:

    1st Period: Computer Exploration

    2nd Period: Computer Exploration

    3rd Period: Computer Exploration

    4th Period: Bulldogs TV - Television Production 

    5th Period: Technology Exploration (Diplomats)

    6th Period: PREP

  • Here are my videos that I produced for BTSN on Aug. 27, 2020:






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  • Here are the NEW ZOOM Meeting invites for all five of my classes:



    Meeting ID: 871 1015 2825

    Passcode: 066800



    Meeting ID: 818 3647 6920

    Passcode: 078418



    Meeting ID: 824 5390 9913

    Passcode: 061831



    Meeting ID: 885 8194 2534

    Passcode: 085273



    Meeting ID: 876 0282 0855

    Passcode: 664395



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