• In January of 2010 under the guidance of Stacy Spector, a team of 20 staff, parents and community members from Andrew Carnegie Middle School came together for an intense two-day session to develop the draft of our 2011-2014 Strategic Plan. After 2 years of implementation, the ACMS planning team came back together on September 13, 2012 to update and revise our strategic site plan.  The results of this work: a shared set of beliefs and parameters; a revised mission giving direction for the school; student-focused objectives on how to measure success; and updated tactics to achieve success.  
    This "second" draft work was then handed over to our action teams.  Our Action Teams worked through December to develop a new and relevant set of action plans that will drive Carnegie forward.  These plans and our revisions to our Mission, Objectives, and Tactics were approved by Site Council on February 25, 2013.    
    Andrew Carnegie Middle School’s Strategic Plan is a plan that will guide our school into the future and provide a focus for our school community.  It will be implemented over the next several years and available resources will be allocated based upon these plans. 


    As a community of creative thinkers and leaders, the mission of Andrew Carnegie Middle School is to inspire and equip our students for an ever-changing global society by providing a dynamic, innovative educational environment that encourages collaboration, fosters unique interests, embraces diversity and empowers students to OWN IT!


    • By 2015, through multiple measures, we will reduce the number of students in all groups who are not performing at the proficient or advanced levels in English-Language Arts and math by at least 50%.
    • All students will develop and apply 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and applications of technology.
    • By 2015, 100% of students will have their academic and personal needs supported.
    • By 2015, 100% of students will consistently demonstrate the characteristics of the Carnegie moto "OWN IT".
Last Modified on May 18, 2014