All interested 4th, 5th and 6th grade students are invited to join the Northridge choir. No prior musical or singing experience is necessary.

    Choir begins on Friday, September 22nd.

    The Northridge choir practices on Fridays before school from 7:30 - 8:20.  Occasionally, there will be an additional Thursday rehearsal.  There is no registration fee to join the choir. Each singer must purchase a choir shirt, at a cost of $10.  Choir shirts will feature the names of all choir members and will be what choir members wear for all performances.  If you cannot afford to buy a shirt, please let Ms. Thorgrimson know, so she can help.

     Requirements for membership:

    • a commitment to remain in the choir for the entire year
    • regular, punctual attendance at every rehearsal
    • participation in the Winter and Spring concerts and San Juan Sings
    • appropriate behavior AND participation – you need to SING!

    Participating in the school choir program is fun and rewarding!  The Northridge choir participates in numerous performances during the school year including singing the National Anthem at a Sacramento River Cats game, San Juan Sings East, Winter and Spring Concerts in our MP room for our families as well as performing for our very own student body during the school concerts in the winter and spring.


    Northridge Choir 2017-2018 Performances:

    o   WOMEN’S THURSDAY CLUB HOLIDAY LUNCHEON –   Thursday, December 14th – day field trip

    o   WINTER CONCERT - Thursday, December 14th - 6:30  - Northridge MP room – required performance

    o   SAN JUAN SINGS EAST – Tuesday, April 10th – 7:00 - Sunrise Community Church – required performance

    o   SPRING CONCERT - Wednesday, May 9TH - 6:30 - Northridge MP room – required performance

    o   RIVER CATS Game - National Anthem – Date TBD (in April or May) -  Raley Field – West Sacramento


    Our Northridge choir is a building block for students to continue in choir at the middle school and high school levels where there are even more opportunities to participate in many exciting school, area and state events. 

     To join choir – do the following:

    1. Read the Northridge Choir Handbook for specific information about membership requirements and dates.
    2. Fill out the Northridge Choir Contract/Registration form and return it to Ms. Thorgrimson.  Both parent AND child must read and sign the contract.
    3. I’ll be signing up choir members on the following dates and this is a good time for your child to try on a sample shirt.
    4. Come to Rm. 17 on one of the following days to sign up:

    Thursday, September 14th  – before school between 7:30 & 8:45

    Friday, September 15th  – before school between 7:30 & 8:30

    Thursday, September 21st  – before school between 7:30 & 8:45


    If you can’t make it to one of the sign-up days, please let me know, so we can arrange another time.

    Then just come to Rm. 17 the morning of September 22nd and Sing!!

    The Northridge choir is directed by our music teacher, Janet Thorgrimson. Ms. Thorgrimson may be contacted by email at jthorgrimson@sanjuan.edu