History of Carmichael Elementary School

  • Photo of sign for school As the population of Carmichael grew in the early 1900s, parents were determined to build a school closer to home. The closest school at the time was San Juan Elementary School, just north of the area. In order to rally support for a new school, families traveled around the area by horse-drawn buggies to gather support. Daniel Carmichael agreed to donate 10 acres toward a local school, as long as the school was named after him.

    Carmichael Elementary School, formerly known as the Carmichael School, opened as a two-room building in 1917 at the corner of California and Sutter avenues. In 1920, a second two-room building was built next to the original building.

    The next addition to the school Photo of old building of Carmichael School came in 1926, when an auditorium building was added, which featured a stage, restrooms and classrooms in the basement. In 1932, two more rooms were added to the original building. Additional classrooms continued to be added through the 1940s.

    The school was the only elementary school in Carmichael until the 1950s. Today, Carmichael Elementary serves nearly 400 students from kindergarten to fifth grade. 





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