• Dances at Rio Americano High School



    Students who currently have 3 or more F's will not be able to purchase tickets to Rio Americano dances. 



    To attend a dance at Rio Americano High School is a privilege. To ensure a fun, safe time for all students, the following are the requirements for a guest pass.

    • Only ONE guest pass per Rio Americano student.
    • Guest must TAKE this application to their administrator for Signature & Business Card.
    • No guest over the age of 20 years or a student below the ninth (9th) grade will be admitted.
    • The guest must show STUDENT PHOTO ID or if not a student, s/he must show a PHOTO ID (i.e., Driver’s License).
    • Each guest pass is verified for accuracy. Any forged signatures result in forfeit of dance attendance by the Rio student and guest.
    • The RA student host is responsible for informing the guest of all RA behavior, dance and dress code rules. Obey all RA rules and regulations while at the dance.
    • Be willing to submit to a search for alcohol, drugs or tobacco products, none of which is allowed in or on the Rio Americano campus.
    • Behave in a courteous and polite manner at all times. Any disruption of a school dance, such as fighting or willful disobedience of a school official, can result in the arrest of the guest. Any guest who misbehaves or violates any school rules will be barred from attending any future Rio Americano dance. Rio Americano students are responsible for the behavior of their guest. Besides the above consequences for the guest, the Rio student may not invite any more guests to Rio dances for the remainder of the school year. Furthermore, the Rio student may face punishment at Rio Americano for the infraction the invited guest, including, but not limited to, suspension and social probation.



    All guests are held to the same rules and standards of behavior as Rio Americano High School Students. Guests who exhibit inappropriate dress and/or behavior must correct the concern to the satisfaction of the Rio Americano staff or they will be asked to leave the dance.



    Dance Pass Form 


    Remember you have to have your ID card to purchase from the finance office.





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