Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs)


    SLOs #1

    Engaged learners who…

    • analyze and comprehend complex texts across all content areas
    • demonstrate literacy through effective communication skills in both written and oral expression
    • demonstrate digital literacy, including the ability to evaluate and cite sources
    • justify understanding by citing specific evidence
    • collaborate with other students to share information and solve problems


    SLOs #2

    Responsible community members who...

    • demonstrate positive character traits
    • participate in the community in a respectful manner
    • are accountable  for their individual actions and are respectful of others
    • demonstrate persistence when encountering challenging academic content or skills


    SLOs #3

    Prepared graduates who...

    • set short term and long term educational and personal goals and use strategies to achieve them
    • make sound decisions about social, physical, emotional and mental health and demonstrate resiliency in the face of adversity
    • evaluate their strengths and abilities in order to make informed decisions about their post-secondary plans