Attendance & Absences

  • Any time your child will be out, please call the 24 hour attendance line at (916) 971-7853 x 1.  Leave your name, relationship to the child, the student's name and reason for absence.
    Studies have shown that students who attend school on a daily basis do much better than those with frequent absences.  Even a few days can make a difference, so we encourage your student to come to school daily, and to schedule medical appointments after school when at all possible.
    If it is necessary for your child to attend a medical appointment during school hours, you must get a note from the doctor to clear your child's absence or it will be listed as unexcused.  Please send a note with your student prior to their being out.  That way when you show up your child will be ready and waiting for you, and we won't have to interrupt a classroom lesson to call him or her.
    Thank you for caring about your student's education.
Last Modified on May 18, 2014