• Eligibility Explained

    In order to participate in athletics in our school district, student athletes must carry a 2.0 GPA and have no more than one F grade on the most current (last issued) grade report. San Juan Unified has eight report cards per year. 8th graders who want to play a Fall sport next year as a freshman must upload their last middle school report card that shows a 2.0 GPA and no more than 1 “F” grade or they will be placed on academic probation for athletes, attend mandatory intervention, and/or be declared ineligible to play. Student athletes who do not meet this criteria are placed on athletic probation and may have the option to stay on the team at athletic department or coach’s discretion if they participate in our intervention program. Student athletes may use intervention once per school year.

    How it works:

    1. Student athletes on probation must complete this packet and attend substantial tutoring from the attached schedule throughout each week. The tutoring must be from one or more teachers from the student’s deficient subject area.
    2. Students are to make an appointment in advance with the teacher at their available time. Don’t assume they will be there. Come prepared with work and specific questions.
    3. All teachers have to sign off for the week on this form that the student’s attendance, effort, and progress during the tutoring was satisfactory.
    4. On Monday of Week 4 of the eligibility period, the student athlete must turn in this intervention packet and their grades are recalculated to determine whether or not they can play or if they must sit/be dismissed for the rest of the season.

    Download packet below:

    Intervention Packet

    Teacher Tutoring Schedule

    Make an appointment with teachers in advance so they know to expect you for tutoring!