• How to report a concern


    If you experience or know of an instance of bullying, harassment, discrimination or threatening behaviors it is important that you report it immediately. You have several options to share your concern with Mira Loma High School and San Juan Unified district staff: 

    • Share your concern with a teacher, school counselor, vice principal or principal. Each staff member will work to address the concern directly to the best of their ability and confidentially share it with other staff to ensure a resolution is found.
    • If your concern is not addressed by school staff you may also contact the district’s Family and Community Engagement Office at (916) 971-7929. The staff will listen to your concern and involve school staff as needed to help find a resolution.
    • Use the district’s “Tell Someone” form found at http://www.sanjuan.edu/tellsomeone. Messages are relayed to district staff 24-hours a day so appropriate follow-up can occur.
    • If the concern involves the adult education program, special education, career technical education, certain other federal programs or discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, ancestry, ethnicity, disability or sexual harassment you can also file what is known as a “Uniform Complaint” with the district’s legal office. You can find the form at http://www.sanjuan.edu/uniformcomplaint.



    Mira Loma High’s Work to Foster Inclusiveness and Equity

    Restorative Practices support - A Mira Loma staff member serves as a Restorative Practices Coordinator at Mira Loma High School and is available one period each day to help staff carry out restorative practices in their classrooms. 

    Weekly counselor and administration team meeting - Counselors and the administration team at Mira Loma meet weekly to discuss student issues and concerns, in an effort toward improved communication.

     Staff professional development - Site leadership is involved in many professional development trainings, including a district training in improving climate/culture through the elimination of microaggressions, led by Dr. Nancy Dome. Site leadership engages in book studies around inclusiveness and equity. The current book we are examining is “Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap’ by Anthony Muhammad. 

    Equal Opportunity Schools partnership - Mira Loma High School partners with Equal Opportunity Schools to increase equitable enrollment in International Baccalaureate classes so more students can excel. You can watch a Facebook Live video of a recent Equal Opportunity Schools rally at Mira Loma on the district’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/sanjuanunified

    Extended intramurals program - Intramural basketball was introduced on campus last school year and brought together students from across campus. This year, soccer, volleyball, basketball and flag football will all be taking place in the intramurals program in order to have across-campus interaction among students who many not have had a chance to interact.

    Sacramento Area Youth Speaks partnership - Since last year, Mira Loma High School has partnered with the Sacramento Area Youth Speaks, or SAYS. Building on a foundation of critical literacy and spoken word performance poetry, SAYS services support Mira Loma through teacher professional development, classroom instruction and after-school programming. 

    United College Action Network (UCAN) partnership - Mira Loma High School has a continued partnership with UCAN, where mentors meet with students to help prepare them for advancement to college. Additionally, students attend an annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) recruitment fair. 

    Friendship Days - This school year, Mira Loma has brought back Friendship Day in both November and February. A group of 40 students participate in an all-day event doing activities such as ice breakers and problem-solving skits. The idea is to get students from across the school, from all grade levels and backgrounds, to participate and promote friendship. 

    More Love, Less Hate campaign - For the second year in a row, Mira Loma students are spearheading the More Love, Less Hate campaign to help spread messages of positivity and friendship. This year’s kickoff event will take place on Friday, Feb. 10th.