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    ** The following are examples of past elective class choices.  We are in the process of making some minor changes to the 2018-2019 school year's offerings, so please be aware that these descriptions and offerings are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. **


    Advanced Art:  This class is for students with art experience who want to explore new techniques and mediums, who have creative ideas, and who can work independently with guided instructions.  Students must submit a written application and include samples of their artwork before they will be considered for this class.


    AVID:  This class is offered to 7th and 8th graders.  AVID is for students in the mid-level achievement area who want to learn more about college and career opportunities.  Students will learn how to take notes, study for tests, research careers and colleges and complete team building activities.  Students will have the opportunity to visit colleges and learn what awaits them after high school.  Interested students must submit a written application for consideration before they are placed in the AVID class.


    Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Band:  Beginning Band is open to any student who would like to learn to play an instrument.  They will become proficient with their instrument and perform in concerts, as well as use and make music with the Garage Band technology program.  Intermediate and Advanced Band are for students already proficient with an instrument.  Advanced Band will perform at the Golden State Empire Music Festival.  Students must be approved by the band teacher before being placed in either the Intermediate or Advanced levels.


    Beginning Choir, Advanced Choir:  Beginning Choir is designed for any student who would like to learn the fundamentals of vocal technique and music theory, as well as gain performing experience.  Advanced Choir performs three concerts a year and participates in the Golden State Empire Music Festival.  Students must be approved by the choir teacher before being placed in Advanced Choir.


    Technology (Pathway): this is a new offering for the 2018-2019 school year, consisting of computer use and an introduction to engineering concepts, robotics and coding.


    Student Government/Leadership Class:  The mission of the Student Government class is to make student life at Carnegie as positive as it can be.  The class organizes rallies, dances, spirit days, assemblies and other student activities, including helping at Back to School orientation days.  Students must apply to be considered for this class, and elected student body officers also join this class.


    Yearbook:  Open to 8th grade students only.  This yearlong elective will combine an exploration of journalism and the production of the Highlander yearbook.  Students will be expected to meet deadlines and complete layouts.  In order to complete a layout, students will be responsible for writing a story and taking pictures of their beat.  Students must be responsible and reliable since they will take pictures and interview students outside of school hours as well as during the school day.  Students must submit an application to be considered for placement in the Yearbook class.


    Exploration:  This class may consist of Art, Computers, AVID strategies, Music, Garage Band and Drama on a quarter or semester rotation basis.  Some of our exploration class availability is subject to student interest. The exact classes the student is assigned will depend on development of the Master Schedule.


    Media:  This class is an advanced video production and broadcasting class.  This class seeks responsible, hard working leaders who would like to articulate, produce and share their vision with the Carnegie population and beyond.  Students who apply for this class need to be goal-oriented, creative, collaborative and adaptable to different ideas and viewpoints.  Students need to be able to work quickly under a deadline and produce high quality work that delivers a message and inspires peers.  This is a yearlong class and students must maintain good grades and citizenship to enroll.


    Office Aide:  Duties include assisting students and parents in the office, delivering passes, taking packages or mail to staff members, sorting papers, making deliveries for the attendance office, helping new students on campus.  Solid customer service skills, excellent citizenship and consistent attendance are essential for this role, and students must submit an application for consideration.


    Teacher Assistant: Students with good grades and attendance will be considered for this position.  The role includes grading papers, delivering messages to students or staff, helping students with assignments, and helping clean the classroom and whatever else is needed.  Students must submit an application that includes the signature of the teacher the student wishes to be partnered with.


    During the class selection process, students will indicate a first, second and third elective choice according to grade level.


    6th graders may choose Beginning Band, Choir, Exploration or Technology.  With teacher approval, they may choose:  Advanced Art, Advanced Choir, Intermediate/Advanced Band.

    7th graders may choose Beginning Band, Choir, Drama, Exploration or Technology.  With teacher approval, they may choose: Advanced Art, Advanced Choir, AVID 1, or Intermediate/Advanced Band.

    8th graders may choose Beginning Band, Choir, Drama, Exploration or Technology.  With teacher approval, they may choose: Advanced Art, Advanced Choir, AVID 2, Intermediate/Advanced Band, Media, Journalism/Yearbook, Office Aide, Student Leadership or Teacher Assistant.

Last Modified on May 25, 2018