• April 26th, 2023

    Welcome to our Tiger Family.  We are excited that you will be a part of our Ambush of Tigers (like a pride of lions).  Pasteur’s Articulation Night is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26th in our Multi-purpose room.  Students and their families will meet with Pasteur staff to talk about placement and elective choices for their fall schedule.  No appointment is necessary.


    Students whose last name starts with A-K will meet between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

    Students whose last name begins with L-Z will meet between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm.


    If your student is interested in Honors classes, you will need to submit an Honors Program Application and a completed Honors Program Teacher Recommendation form by May 10th.  The application can be found here, the teacher recomendation can be found here. You may also drop by the school to pick up forms or call us and we will mail or email them to you.   Your student will need to share the Teacher Recommendation form with a current teacher.  The teacher will complete the form and return it to Pasteur.  Further information is below:


    • Students will be able to apply for placement in one, two or all three Honor’s classes (English, History and/or Science).
    • Information used to determine placement will include I-Ready and CAASPP test data, grades in the core subject areas, and school/teacher recommendations.
    • Motivation, work habits, and interest level of the student relative to each subject requested will also be considered as those skills align with the College & Career Readiness Standards articulated in the Common Core Standards.


    Elective Choices:   

    • You can find our elective descriptions here.
    • The Exploration Wheel:  Students will be randomly placed in art, woodshop or computers for the first semester and then roll to a different elective class for 2nd semester.  For example: A student might have woodshop first semester and roll to either art or computers for the 2nd semester.
    • Band       (Band Survey 2023-24)
    • Choir
    • Strings


    The following electives require an application (available on our website & at this event)

    Applications, recommendations, and other forms don’t need to be turned in on this night.  It is not a first turned in, first seated selection process.  Forms will be available this night and can be turned in no later than May 10th.  However, if you have them ready, please bring them with you. 


    We look forward to seeing you on April 26th