History / Social Science

  • The Mira Loma High School History / Social Science Department affirms its commitment to providing a solid education for all its students regardless of their personal, career, or academic goals. It is our belief that a social science education teaches the basic skills necessary for self-awareness, professional achievement, and lifelong growth. It trains students to think critically, to communicate effectively, to rise above prejudice, and to maximize their resources for dealing with the complexities of life. The successful completion of the History/ Social Science requirements contribute to the development of a well-rounded individual.
    Through the teaching process, we try to explain why people behave the way they do; why society is the way it is; who has the power, wealth, and prestige; and how they got them. We help students understand themselves, the society, and the world in which they live so that they can begin to control their futures. In the struggle for human dignity and individual integrity, we must encourage students to appreciate their own heritage and the heritage of others if they are to have self-respect and mutual respect. We also consider it our obligation to foster in students a sense of civic responsibility, an awareness of the complexity of the search for human rights, and a consciousness of the possibilities for meaningful social change.
    The History / Social Science department dedicates itself to the promotion of intellectual curiosity, careful observation and critical evaluation as well as social, political, and cultural awareness for all students.


Last Modified on April 7, 2022