World Languages

  • Mira Loma offers various levels of German, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Japanese. Below find more information about the teachers and classes:

    Japanese: Mrs. Kumagai

    Mrs. Kumagai is a native Japanese speaker from Morioka, Japan. She teaches all levels of Japanese classes at Mira Loma. Her lessons include fun cultural activities such as origami, Japanese songs, learning Japanese recipes and learning Japanese through movies and anime. Tutoring is offered during lunch time and after school. IB test preparation activities are incorporated in IB classes. Email Mrs. Kumagai

    Spanish: Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. PiephoMs. SmithMs. Grimm

    Mrs. Margarita Sanders
    Mrs. Carrie Piepho
    Ms. Irina Smith has been a teacher in the San Juan Unified School District since 1994. She has been at Mira Loma since 2010 teaching MYP 1 and MYP 2 Spanish classes. She holds a graduate degree in English and French from a university in Russia, her home country. She also earned an MA TESOL degree from CSU, Sacramento, in 1999, and a Master's degree in Spanish in 2011. Ms. Smith has traveled extensively in Spain, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Her own experiences learning several foreign languages give her the empathy and understanding in working with her students, as she strives to impart to them the love and appreciation of the Spanish language and Latin cultures.

    Ms. Erin Grimm has taught French, Spanish, German and Russian languages, and piano; at Mira Loma she teaches French and Spanish. Working with her students, Ms. Grimm loves bringing an authentic learning experience to the classroom through music, film, cuisine, and the promotion of cultural events on campus and in the community. She graduated summa cum laude from UC Berkeley in 2007 and holds two Master's degrees in European languages and literatures as well as a second language acquisition certificate from UC Davis, where she taught language and literature courses for several years. Ms. Grimm has studied in Paris, France; Madrid, Spain; Moscow, Russia; and Heidelberg, Germany. She treasures the process of language study as an authentic means of developing intercultural understanding and civic virtue. Her students inspire her with their sincerity and optimism as they tackle the worthy endeavor of learning a new language and exploring new cultures.

    French: Mr. Negretot (Department Chair)

    Mr. Negretot is a native French speaker from Quebec, Canada. His knowledge and understanding of the French language and culture is an invaluable asset to the World Language department. Mr. Negretot teaches enlightening, challenging and insightful classes that address all aspects of language learning. You will be sure to find the right class for you and enjoy learning French.

    Chinese: Ms. Yang

    Ms. Yang is a native Mandarin speaker who has more than 20 years of teaching experience. In addition to integrating cultural content knowledge and language skills, she also teaches Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Ms. Yang is energetic, animated and well-versed in the subject matter she teaches. She challenges her students to achieve high levels of performance, followed by continuous support and encouragement until the student’s work comes to fruition.

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