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    Teacher Name                 Reason                                                                                                                                                   

    Ian Good

    Sanders -8th Math Always on task and participating; great kid overall AND correctly memorized 100 digits of Pi! 
    Aviana Mora Sanders- 6th Math  Always ready to work and helpful to all; positive attitude and a great role model for class! 
    Laila Hughie Sanders-art  Always on task and respectful.  Just an all around great girl and an asset to the class. 

    Julie Chkhaylo
    Slattery - 7th Science  Julie is always working to succeed and on task in class. Good example for PAWS.
    Leonardo Bugarin Slattery - 8th Science   Leo is an outstanding student and mentor to other students. He has a great attitude and is an addition to his class. 
    Quentin Parker  Markley - 6th Math  Quentin is always on task, ready to learn, responsible and hard working.  He accepts math challenges without question and perseveres in solving them. Great job Quentin! 

    Isabelle Kremesec "Issy" 

    Pop 7th-grade History  Issy is an a+ student always respectful and kind to people around her and helpful in class. 
    Hannah Consolacion  Dunkel  Hannah works hard in class all while smiling.  She is a delight and is always positive with other students.  

    Lilli Thibodeaux


    Lilli comes to class focused and ready to learn every day. She shows her PAWS with her intensive determination to succeed.

    Colin Callahan  Hall - 8th History  Colin is always on task, does excellent quality work and is a great classmate when it comes to helping his peers.  
    Nathan De Los Angeles Pollock  Nathan is a very hard working science student and he is kind to all his classmates and teachers. 
    Sabrina Batayeh Pollock  Sabrina is a very conscientious 6th grader. She cares about her grades but more importantly, she cares about her classmates and teachers well being.
    Cameron Miller  Anderson  Cami is always helping others during class (including the teacher) and maintains a positive attitude through any adversity.  
    Andrei Felipe  Feldman (English 6th) This student made an incredible increase in Reading Comprehension Lexile score. He also continues to pass book-tests, one after another! 
    Jada Kelly  Feldman (English 7th)  Jada Kelly has brought her Reading Comprehension Lexile score well above 1000. She is an amazing, hard-working, and kind student who deserves SO MUCH positive recognition.
    Alex (Alexandria) Stahr  Feldman (Math 6th)  Alex has perfect homework return and always works diligently to do her very best. She is a great example of a Pasteur Tiger who shows her PAWS every day, as she works to succeed.  
    Alyssa Hiatt Rominger 8th English Alyssa always works hard and does excellently 
    Breanna Jaimes Silva   Rominger, 7th English  Excellent student; attentive; hard working.  
    Finnegan Stander  Rominger, English 7  Finnegan had the highest MAP test scores out of the class and recently has been choosing to behave and do his work.  Super proud of this new side of him. 
    Drew Medeiros  Houston, English 7  Drew is the type of student that I know I can count on. Drew's work is always done with care and attention to detail, and his spirit is contagious.
    Elise Bous  Elise is a hard working conscientious student.  She is always willing to help others in need and is a fantastic example to other students.  Great job Elise!!