• ATTENDANCE - For a printable copy of our attendance policies, please click here.


    All absences must be cleared within five days by a phone call or email from a parent/guardian. Parents will be notified by the auto dialer each evening whenever a student is reported absent from one or more periods. Parents may clear absences using 971-5002, the 24-hour attendance line, or by emailing BellaVistaAbsence@sanjuan.edu from the address registered in the Parent Portal. If unaware of the absence, parents should call the Attendance Office at 971-5040 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to speak to an attendance clerk. Absences not cleared within five school days automatically roll over to truancies.  Parents should always contact the Attendance Office for each reported absence, even if they think it is in error.



    . = Present

    D = Onsite Suspension

    H = Single Positive Attendance Verified

    I = Independent Study Positive Attendance

    K = School Activity or In Office

    M = Saturday School Attendance Verified


    Education Code defines truancy as an unexcused absence of 31 minutes or more.



    A = Absent

    E = Ill

    ·          Illness, medical appts

    ·          Limit 10 per year

    F = Funeral

    ·          Attending funeral of an immediate family member-1 day for California, 3 days for out of state

    G = Admin Excused

    J = Independent Study Absence

    R = Religious

    S = Suspension

    T = ≤30min Tardy

    V = Doctor Verified


















    B = >30min Tardy

    C = Cut

    X = Unexcused

    ·          Out of town

    ·          Needed at home

    ·          No car or car trouble

    ·          Overslept

    ·          Illness/Medical Appt (after 10-day limit and unverified)

    Y = Rolled Cut

    ·          Uncleared absence after 5 days.


    Students and parents can view attendance on the parent portal at all times, and should review it together (https://sis.sanjuan.edu/parentportal). Single period absences need to be cleared as well as all day absences. The forms to make corrections are available for students in the Attendance Office. Teachers must verify that there was an error on their attendance sheets.



    Parents need to report immediately any change of address, telephone number or emergency care information, e.g., doctor or health plan, to San Juan Central Enrollment (916) 726-5826. This is important in case of an emergency.  Changes to telephone numbers of emergency care can be updated through the school site main office.



    To leave campus anytime during the day, a student must have an Early Dismissal (ED). A student must bring a parent/guardian note to the Attendance Office before 8:00 a.m. A student with an ED returning to school the same day must report to the Attendance Office upon return. “After the fact” parent permission is not legally permissible. A student who leaves school without an ED is Truant and in violation of the closed campus policy.