• BELLA VISTA HIGH SCHOOL ATTENDANCE PROCEDURES.  For a printable copy, please click here: Attendance Procedures.

    Regular School Attendance is Important for Student Success

    Please help us keep classroom interruption to a minimum.  Please refer to student handbook for more information about attendance rules and policies.



    When a student is absent for any reason, a parent/guardian must call the 24-hour absence clearing line – 971-5002

    Please give the following information when calling:

    • Student’s name (Please spell the last name
    • Your name and relationship to the student
    • Date(s) of absence(s)

    Absences not cleared within five school days automatically roll over to truancies.



    Any Medical/Dental appointments can be cleared if a signed appointment verification slip is brought to the Attendance Office after the appointment.



     If a student becomes ill at school, he or she must notify the teacher and be dismissed to the attendance office to call home.

     All early dismissals due to illness must be initiated by the student through the Attendance Office. We will not send passes to the classroom.



     If a student arrives to school after class has started, he or she must check in at the Attendance Office for a late slip before going to class.  Please call the attendance clearing line or send a note if your student will be late.



    Attendance Clearing Line:       971-5002

    Attendance Office:                  971-5040




     If your student is marked absent in error, have him or her come to the Attendance Office for a green Attendance Correction Request. Once the slip has been signed by the appropriate staff member, it must be returned to the Attendance Office.



     Students can bring a written note to the Attendance Office for an early

    dismissal slip. If calling in an early dismissal, please leave enough time for your student

    to pick up the pass from the

    Attendance Office.


    Please do not send an e-mail or leave a voicemail for an early dismissal.


    Calls or notes brought in after leaving campus will not be accepted.  The student will be considered truant.

    A student returning to school must report to the Attendance Office for a pass to class.




    Please notify the school immediately of any changes to your address, phone, or contact information.  You may update your email address by logging into the Parent Portal on Q.



    If an absence is not cleared, parents/guardians will be notified by the Auto-Dialer or email.  This system reports an absence for one or more classes.