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    Graduation Ceremony FAQs

    When and where will the ceremony be held?

    Saturday, June 6th 8-10 am
    Del Campo Stadium
    No reserved seating, or seat holding allowed.

    When is Graduation Rehearsal?

    Friday, June 5th at 7:00pm starting in the Large Gym
    Grads MUST attend practice to participate in the ceremony.
    Those that do not attend practice will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    How many tickets does each student receive?

    We will not have tickets for the graduation ceremony. There will be plenty of seating available in our bleachers as well as on the field.

    Where do I park?

    Guest parking is available in Del Campo's front parking lot, as well as across the street at Will Rogers. The front parking lots will open at 6:30 AM. You may also find parking on nearby streets, which makes it easier to exit after the ceremony. Carpooling is encouraged.

    When should graduates arrive and what should they wear?

    Students must be in the large gym in proper attire by 7am.

    Leis, balloons, etc., are not allowed until after the ceremony. Please assist us in making this a dignified and memorable occasion by ensuring your student arrives on time and dressed appropriately:

    BOYS: Dress slacks, short or long sleeved shirt with collar, tie and dress shoes. 

    GIRLS: Dress, skirt and blouse, or dress pants. Flats, heels or dressy sandals. No plunging necklines, bare midriffs, backless below the waist, or slits above mid-thigh. No shoes with spiky heels of any kind will be allowed in the stadium. These will ruin the track & field. Platform, flats or wedge shoes are preferred.

    FOR BOYS AND GIRLS: No jeans, shorts, flip flops, tennis shoes or running shoes.

    What can I bring into the stadium?

    No lawn chairs, coolers, noise makers of any kind, food, drinks (other than water), umbrellas, pop-ups, balloons, or anything that will hinder the view of any guest from seeing their child graduate. Please be considerate of others around you.

    Are there accommodations for wheelchairs?

    Special needs seating is available to the left of the stage.

    Can I order professional pictures?

    Lifetouch will be taking portraits of the 2019 graduates at the ceremony.
    These will be available to order online after the ceremony at 

    Where do graduates pick up their diplomas?

    Diplomas will be available in the large gym for 30 minutes following the ceremony, or in the VP’s office beginning Monday, June 8th.


    Attendance and Behavior Expectations for all Seniors

    Students need to be aware that there are direct consequences for any situations where students fail to uphold Del Campo standards of conduct.

    All students need to be aware of the following behaviors that MAY cause them to lose SCHOOL PRIVILEGES and jeopardize participation in the graduation ceremony and other social activities:

    • Students with chronic absences or truancies (18 or more periods of cuts, rolled cuts or unverified absences results in 20 days of social probation and two Saturday Schools)
    • Students with 24 or more periods of truancies will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.
    • Students with outstanding/unserved discipline.
    • Students who violate school rules/policies/procedures (such as electronic devices, dress codes, etc.)
    • Seniors participating in any type of "Senior Prant" which casues a disruption, injuries or results in School/private property damages.
    • Seniors participating in Senior Cut Day which results in additional truancies.
    • Students with outstanding fines (lost/damaged textbooks, failure to return athletics uniforms, equipment, etc.)


    IMPORTANT: In addition to disciplinary actions, seniors who lose their privilege to participate in a specific activity, need to be aware any fees/payments that have been made, may not be reimbursed.



    5.16.20 - Senior Ball @ Morgan Creek Golf Club
    5.19.20 - Senior Awards Night - Cub Gym @ 6:30pm
    5.31.20 - Senior Goodbye Rally
    TBD - Senior Finals Per. 1 & 2
    TBD - Senior Finals Per. 3 & 4
    6.5.20 - Senior Breakfast 
    6.5.20 - Senior Checkout - Cub Gym 10am
    6.5.20 - Graduation Rehearsal - Large Gym @ 7:30pm
    6.6.20 - Graduation Ceremony - DC Stadium @ 8:00am