One of the features that distinguishes Del Dayo is its Inclusion program. Our Inclusion program uses the continuum of service options for students to be successful in the least restrictive environment, which includes: general education classroom, small group instruction in a pull-out setting, additional supports in the form of accommodations and modifications, and individualized behavior intervention plans with additional adult support. In Inclusion, a special education teacher creates learning plans for students with academic, social, and behavioral needs. This teacher then oversees a staff of Instructional Aides who work with classroom teachers to implement the supports as determined by the student’s team.  

    While Inclusion provides a unique educational experience for students with special needs, not all students remain in the program. There are times when a student may require a more intensive program than the school can provide, in which case students may move to another location where their needs can be better met. Conversely, if a student requires less support then they may exit from the Inclusion program all together.  

    Inclusion benefits its students by providing high quality academic instruction and standards of excellence in the least restrictive environment. This allows our students with individual education plans to learn with their peers, collaborate, and build social skills all while getting a grade-level education. The greater school community also benefits from Inclusion as all kids get to work together on classwork, build friendships with diverse learners, and be role models when working on social skills. Together, Del Dayo students learn to reach across individual differences and become empathetic, welcoming, patient, and supportive community members.

    Please visit https://www.sanjuan.edu/domain/132 to learn more about Special Education in the San Juan Unified School District.