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     Community Service Packet 2019 - 2020



    Academic Honesty: As an International Baccalaureate Middle Years School, we take pride in guiding students to become leaders in our communities. Completing this service project is part of the greater goal of understanding responsibility, work ethic, and integrity in our actions. Service Project Packets that are submitted without academic honesty are to be reviewed by administration and will receive consequences to meet the individual situation.

    Please remember that one’s integrity is greater than any letter grade given in life. These are the lessons we strive to teach our students and children in our Churchill community.

    Academic Dishonesty includes but is not limited to:

    *forgery of any kind (signing a name other than your own)

    *using all or parts of a reflection or responses that were not written by the student submitting the packet

    *recording hours that do not reflect the amount of time worked

    Purpose: The IB program has an annual community service requirement. In the International Baccalaureate Program, service means `contributing to the school, local, national or worldwide community to make life better for others, especially the disadvantaged.' Students will identify a project that is within the scope of this definition. Doing community service work, on campus or off, affords students opportunities to learn about themselves and the community in which they live. The purpose is to promote a better understanding of `community', to engage students in action or service, and to reflect on the experience. Increased social and self-awareness, initiative, time management skills, opportunities for creative expression, teamwork, commitment, elevated self-esteem and personal integrity are just some of the potential personal benefits of a successful community service experience.

    Tips & Reminders:

    • Start early…deadlines can creep up on you!
    • Ask questions…teachers are here to help!
    • Remember your parent cannot be your supervisor, nor sign for your hours!
    • Reflections should be in complete sentences and paragraph form.
    • Unacceptable cultural events include: professional sporting events, mainstream music concerts, children’s plays, recitals, youth sports.
    • You may type your reflection; simply attach the reflection to the back of the packet. Typed reflections do NOT need to follow MLA.
    • Do not forget to write in BLUE or BLACK ink and get signatures to prove your service hours were completed! INITIALS of supervisors will not count!
    • An extension on hour completion may be given under specific circumstances. Please refer to page 12 of this packet for more details on extensions.  REFLECTIONS must still be completed for every quarter, even if there is an extension.
    You can download the packet below.
    *Returning Churchill students may begin Community Service Hours for the following school year on the first day of summer break.  Make sure to download the current packet for all summer hours!

    Community Service Packet 2019 - 2020




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