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    Del Campo is in the planning stages of a transformational project to update Cougar Canyon with a Cougar sculpture and legacy brick footing. 


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    News Story: DC Field of Dreams



    The following is a letter from Cougar Alum, teacher and longtime coach Gary Summerhays:



        In the fall of 1968, I drove into the Del Campo parking lot in my VW bug and began a journey which would far exceed my expectations.  Now 50 years from that fall, I reflect upon what this experience has meant to me.  The transformative chemistry of amazing staff, beautiful young people, and a supportive community have shaped my life forever. I feel a special connection with your lives and the impact we have had on one another. 


        My deep respect for the school and the people who walked the halls of DC prompted me to consider a symbol of my gratitude which could connect the past with the present. I desired to create a gathering place where we would reflect upon the moments in time of sitting at the same desks, teaching in the same rooms, walking the same halls, studying the same subjects and have moved or will move into our future to make extraordinary contributions to society.


        Friends of Del Campo have joined together to build the "Cougar Legacy Monument" in the new stadium to honor those of the DC pride. I invite you to join with me and BUY A NAME BRICK to be mortared at the base of the monument.  Purchase a brick for yourself, your son or daughter, your family, your team, your club, your business, your class, a teacher or classmate and be part of the proud legacy of Del Campo High School.


        Ben Evans, artisan at UCLA and a graduate of DC is presently working on the stellar 10 foot cougar sculpture.   Ben states, “Upon completion, my hope is that the sculpture will be a lasting dedication to honor the generations of cougars who have and will continue to support the Field of Dreams and Del Campo High School.”


    With appreciation to you all,


    Gary Summerhays

    1968 - always a cougar