• For an Encina high student to participate in practices and competition, the online registration must be completed and a sports phsyical completed by a doctor must be submitted.
    Start your child's online registration on SportsNet.
    The sports physical form can be uploaded during the registration or a physical copy handed to the Athletic Director.
    During registration the parent will need to provide...
    • Student ID number
    • First and Last name(s)
    • Health insurance provider and policy ID

     Steps to completing the registration

    1. Click the SportsNet link above.
    2. "Create an Account"
    3. Log in to the system (with the username and password that was just created).
    4. Follow instructions.

    Once you have completed the registration, you will see a final "Congratulations" page. The profile will then notify the Athletic Director who will review the registration. Via email, a notification will either state the student is "cleared" for sports participation OR state that the profile is "incomplete, not cleared" and the reason why.

    Thanks for getting your child involved in Encina Athletics!

     Click here for  SPORTS PHYSICAL Form