• STUDENT DRESS CODE 2020 – 2021

    In an effort to easily identify Louis Pasteur students and ensure a positive, safe, professional academic environment, the following dress code shall be in effect for all students, at all times, during the school year while they are on the Louis Pasteur campus.


    Students are required to wear and have visible a Pasteur uniform shirt or sweatshirt when on campus. Shirts and/or sweatshirts associated to Pasteur teams, clubs, or groups are permitted. Uniform shirts must remain unaltered.

    Jackets/coats must be removed when entering classroom – School shirt must be visible.


    Pants are to be neat, clean and in good repair (No rips, tears, holes above the knees. If there are holes between fingertips and knees, leggings need to be worn underneath). They must be hemmed and fit properly in the waist.

    • Shorts/skirts/dresses must be FINGERTIP LENGTH and hemmed.

    • Students cannot wear pajamas or other sleepwear.

    • Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in.


    Hats, knit caps, or bandanas may not be worn on campus.
    All hoods are to be removed when students are in academic settings (classrooms, office, and MP Room).


    Shoes must be worn at all times. All shoes must have a heel strap. Clogs, flip-flops, slippers, sliders, or sandals without heel straps may not be worn.


    • Undergarments, cleavage, torso, chest, backs and stomachs must be covered at all times.
    • Straps of dresses and shirts must be three fingers wide. Pants must fit at the waist.

    • Clothing must be long enough to be tucked into the lower garment. Shorts and skirts must still be Finger-tip length.


    Messages on clothing and other items worn or carried by students, including buttons and backpacks, may not defame any group, promote violation of school rules, depict drugs, tobacco, alcohol, violence, weapons, gang/cult affiliation, inappropriate language or graphics, or be sexually suggestive.

    Students who come to school out of dress code will be asked to call home for appropriate clothes. In the event it is not possible for an adult to bring the proper clothes, students will be issued clean loaner clothing for the day.

    To view a version of the dress code with pictures click here.

    School shirts and sweatshirts can be purchased at LOGO-IT   8920 Greenback Lane A2, Orangevle, CA 95662 916-531-7022