• Cameron Ranch Meals


    8:20 - 8:50  Breakfast available in Cafeteria

    11:45 - 1:05  Lunch in Cafeteria.  Times are staggered by grade level (see Bell Schedule).


    Helpful tips to prepare students for school meal times:

    • practice opening/closing containers/packaging at home
    • talk to students about raising their hand to ask for assistance from staff
    • if bringing lunch from home, talk to students about what goes in the trash and what goes back in the lunch box
    • talk to students about staying seated and raising their hand to line up, use the restroom, etc.
    • talk to students about collecting their trash and cleaning up their space after eating


    Please communicate as appropriate to teachers, office staff, nutrition services staff and Rec Aids about:

    • food allergies/restrictions
    • specific feeding needs/supports or accommodations


    Please be aware that students do not have access to a microwave and are expected to be relatively independent in the cafeteria. Assistance is available, but limited. If you have concerns, please communicate directly with our office so we can discuss options for support.


    SJUSD Nutrition Services

    What you can find in Nutrition Services:

    • Breakfast & Lunch Menus
    • Sign up to have school menus e-mailed automatically to you each month
    • Forms for special meal accommodations and food allergies
    • Superkids Nutrition Newsletter
    • Meal applications


    Visit SJUSD Nutrition Services webpage