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    The fourth graders of Mr. La Marr's Rapid Learner class created a website during the final ten days of the school year to promote human decency around the world. They were inspired by Kim Malthe-Bruun, a resistance fighter for Denmark during World War II. He was in the afterword of Lois Lowry's book Number the Stars. Lowry wrote of finding a letter written by Malthe-Bruun during her research for her Newbery Award winning book. Malthe-Bruun was due to be executed the day after he wrote his letter, which was addressed to his mother. In that letter, he called for a world of human decency. The fourth graders debated as to whether that was possible or not as getting the entire world to display decency would be quite a challenge.


    A short while later, the 4th graders had their environmental education trip to Westminster Woods. In the closing ceremony, the students were challenged to think of a wish they had for the world and a promise they would keep to help make that wish come true. After a week in nature, many students wished for a world that is kind as well as cared for. They understood the message of taking care of the planet during their stay in the redwoods. 


    As the class brainstormed the topic of human decency, they realized that there would be two sections for their website. One section would be social human decency, and the other would be environmental human decency. They generated those two topics themselves.


    The class split into five groups to research different aspects of human decency, and they began writing their website. The result is their effort to to help attain the ideal that Kim Malthe-Bruun held the night before his execution. The hope is that every visitor to the website finds a piece of human decency that she or he can spread around the world and make this world a better place. Please carry forth the ideas of Kim Malthe-Bruun and the 2018-2019 Rapid Learner fourth graders. 


    Please click this link to read the work of the fourth graders as they promote human decency around the world.

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