• Arrival and Dismissal


     Walkers Entering/Exiting Campus

    All students and adults entering the school campus from Glenridge must use the crosswalk in the front of the school, or walk behind the pylons when entering the campus from the south end of the driveway (in the morning only).

    All walkers must walk up sidewalks to the flag pole to wait for the duty teacher to excuse the students to the playgrounds.

    No walkers (because of the number of cars exiting from behind the MP Room at that time) leaving campus during dismissal may exit at the south end of the driveway during dismissal.

    Walkers must use the Glenridge Drive crosswalk to exit campus during dismissal time.

    Drivers entering/Exiting School Driveway during Arrival/Dismissal Times

    All parents, guardians, and day care providers who enter the driveway to drop off/pick up children must do the following:

    • Drive all the way forward along the inside curb next to the sidewalk before stopping.
    • All students are to exit or enter the car from the inside curb only.
    • No students are permitted to leave or enter their cars in the thru lane and walk between cars parked at the curb.
    • Drivers dropping off or picking up children will enter/exit the driveway from the curb side lane only. EXITING TO THE RIGHT ONLY
    • Drivers not dropping off or picking up children at the inside curb may exit from the thru lane.
    • Drivers may not park and wait at the curb until their child comes out to the car.
    • Drivers of those cars must go around again.

    Before the Bell Rings:

    Students may not be on campus before 8:20am unless they are buying breakfast, bus riders, or participating in a school-sponsored activity.
    All students must wait at the flag pole until dismissed to the playground by the duty teacher.

    Parents who remain on campus with their children before the start of the school day are asked to wait with them at the flag pole.

    Students will be escorted to their classrooms from the playground by their teachers when the bell signaling the start of the day rings.

    Students arriving after the start of their school day must go to the front office for an admit slip before going to class.

    Parents remaining on campus after school begins must sign in at the front office and wear a visitor tag.

    Dismissal time:

    Because of supervision issues, students are to be picked up within 10 minutes of their dismissal.

    All students will be escorted to the flag pole by their teachers at dismissal time. (Students living in homes along the Schweitzer fence line may, with parent permission, go directly home through their own gate).

    Unless staying for an authorized school activity, students are to be picked up promptly.

    Walkers are to exit campus immediately at the end of the day.

    Students waiting to be picked up will remain in the flagpole area under the supervision of the duty supervisor.