• International Studies is an internationally focused, interdisciplinary curricular program designed to guide students through meeting the A-G requirements while encouraging students to become well-rounded, global citizens. 


International Studies Program

    Can my student be enrolled in more than one program at Mira Loma?

    What is the International Studies Program at Mira Loma High School?
    The International Studies (IS) Program is an interdisciplinary, humanities-based program of specialized, rigorous coursework meeting a-g college/university admission requirements. The IS Program at Mira Loma High School currently serves between 250-300 students. Graduates from the International Studies Program collectively contribute over 8,000 hours of service in the Sacramento community annually.

    What makes the International Studies Program unique?
    The distinctive field trips, motivational guest speakers, expert academic advising, and parent workshops make Mira Loma High School’s International Studies Program exceptional. Four years of integrated, intercultural projects in English, Social Studies, and technology-infused Art classes challenge students to realize their potential to make a difference and empower them to embrace their responsibility to build a better world.

    Will the International Studies Program help my student get into a good college?

    A four-year college degree is becoming more and more important for unlocking the doors to economic and educational opportunity in America today. High school courses and grades naturally count for admission to college, but many students don’t realize how important it is to make their transcript stand out and shine. Specialized courses such as International Relations, International Economics, IS Global Art, and AP Comparative Government all reflect a student who has taken on more than the average student.

    Getting a college education requires a lot of time, effort and careful planning by parents and students. The International Studies Program provides students and their parents/guardians with current information and resources to navigate the college application process.

    What are the academic pathways for the International Studies Student?
    The International Studies Diploma Path: Students fulfill all CSU and UC college entrance requirements, 100 hours of Imagination, Action & Service hours and a minimum GPA of 3.0 to earn this diploma. At graduation they’ve earned the privilege of wearing distinctive International Studies Diploma Regalia signifying their dedication and achievement. The IS Diploma graduate transcripts also reflect that the student earned the IS Diploma.

    The International Studies Certificate Path: Students complete all high school graduation requirements, pass all IS classes with a C or higher, complete 100 hours of Imagination, Action & Service hours, and a minimum GPA of 2.5 to earn the IS Certificate. At graduation, they’ve earned the privilege of wearing the International Studies Certificate Regalia signifying their dedication and achievement. The IS Certificate graduate transcript also reflects that the student earned the IS Certificate.

    How to apply…

    Applications are available here. Applications are also available in the Mira Loma High School counseling office.
    Incoming Freshman-IS Application-Google Form
    Current Mira Loma Student's Transferring into the Program- IS Transfer Application

     NOTE: It is extremely important that out of district and out of boundary applicants check with their home school, home district, and San Juan Unified School to ensure they meet all district transfer deadlines.



    Updated 4-year Planner coming soon!  

    School Visitation

    In order to meet the needs of in-district and out of district students, school visits are arranged during the month of December. Contact one of our IS Program Coordinators for specific times and dates.

    Contact information

    James Abbott, IS Coordinator 
    San Juan Unified School District: (916) 971-7700
    Mira Loma High School: (916) 971-7465

    Mira Loma High School Fax: (916) 971-7483

    Exiting the International Studies Program

    If a student and/or their parent or guardian wish to be removed from the IS Program, they must complete the following documents to be considered for removal. ALL portions of the paperwork below must be completed prior to a conference being held to determine if removal is in the best interest of the student. Students who are attending Mira Loma from outside of the district or outside of their neighborhood high school jeopardize their continued enrollment at our campus. Click here for more information.
Last Modified on December 9, 2020