School Funding Forms

  • Help make sure your school, and your student, get the resources they need!


    Under California’s Universal Meals Program, San Juan Unified will continue to provide free meals to all students going into the 2022-23 school year.

    A portion of every school's funding and other resources are determined by the needs of its students. To help demonstrate that need, all families in San Juan Unified are asked to complete one School Funding Form per household between July 1 and October 31. At some schools, families are asked to complete a Federal Meal Application between July 25 and the end of the school year.  

    Families are asked to update annual information, including emergency contacts, via the Parent Portal before the start of each school year. As part of this process, all parents/guardians will also be asked to complete the School Funding Form and a Federal Meal Application, if applicable.

    Completing these forms will help our schools reach the goal of getting funds to support our students’ academic achievement, creating equitable learning environments, and building partnerships to develop leadership at all levels. Additionally, income-eligible students may receive:

    • free/reduced cost transportation services
    • a discount on home internet fees
    • discounts on college exams and college application fees

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which form(s) should I fill out?

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    All families are encouraged to fill out a School Funding form. 

    Additionally, if one or more of your students attends one of the following non-Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) schools, please fill out the Federal Meal Application: 


    • Andrew Carnegie Middle
    • Arden Middle
    • Bella Vista High
    • Cambridge Heights Elementary
    • Casa Roble High
    • Del Dayo Elementary
    • Earl Legette Elementary
    • Gold River Discovery Center K-8
    • Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary
    • Harry Dewey Fundamental Elementary
    • Laurel Ruff
    • Mariemont Elementary
    • Mission Avenue Open Elementary 
    • Orangevale Open K-8
    • Pershing Elementary
    • Trajan Elementary
    • Twin Lakes Elementary
    • Pasteur Middle
    • Rio Americano High
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  • Do I need to fill out a form for each child?

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    No. Only one School Funding Form and one Federal Meal Application needs to be completed per household as defined by the school(s) attended by your child(ren).

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  • Should I fill out the forms if I qualify for other benefits?

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    Yes. We are encouraging all families to fill out the School Funding Form and all families with one or more students attending a non-CEP school to fill out a Federal Meal Application. 

    If your student(s) attend a non-CEP school and you receive a letter from Nutrition Services confirming that your student(s) have been directly certified for the current school year, you do not need to complete a meal application. 


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