Administration Updates During School Closure

  • Posted: 2020 May 29 Friday



    When: Friday, June 5

    Where: Students will park in the student parking lot and make their way to the library 

    Time: 8:30 - 11:30am (see designated time below)

    What students need to have for check out: 

    • Senior Survey completed on naviance.  This was sent to student emails from the counselors.  This must be done at home prior to coming to the campus.  
    • If you have any fines, please be prepared to take care of them during check out.
    • Bring all books and/or your Google Chromebook to return
    • If you have other school equipment (ex: Uniform) please bring to check out to return. 


    Social distancing restrictions will be strictly enforced.  If you are unable to attend the Senior check-out on June 5th, you will have to make arrangements to come back to Mesa on June 8th or 9th to conclude your check out process. Please help the Senior check out process run more efficiently by arriving on time based on your last name and the following time frame:


    A-E 8:30AM - 9:00AM

    F-J 9:00AM - 9:30AM

    K-O 9:30AM- 10:00AM

    P-T 10:00AM -10:30AM

    U-Z 1030AM - 11:00AM


    Thank you and have a great weekend.


    Posted: 2020 May 26 Tuesday

    Junior Families, 

    Please click on the link below to see important information regarding planning for your Senior year at Mesa Verde High School. 



    Posted: 2020 May 9 Saturday

    The below information was emailed to all Seniors and their Families on Friday, May 8. 


    Virtual Graduation Information

    Date: 6/8/2020

    Time: 7:30

    Location: YouTube (details and link will be made available later)


    Important Information/Dates

    Now - Work on your Virtual Graduation Ceremony  

    • Students must log into their Marching Order account.  Please see emails from  All Marching Order emails have been sent to each student's school email account.  
    • Students should follow this protocol when designing their Virtual Graduation Ceremony slide
      • After receiving your Cap, Gown and Diploma cover on Wednesday, May 13 have a family member take a picture of you with your Cap and Gown on (Take a picture that looks like these examples: CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLES). 
      • Upload this picture into your slide.  If a Cap and Gown picture is not imported, we will use your Senior Portrait or ID Photo to keep the consistency.  
      • In the Personal Message area, we ask that you write one of the following: 
        • An inspirational quote, or
        • A "thank you" to your family and/or friends, or
        • Your future college and career plans or
        • Some combination of all this that fits within the space provided. 


    Now - Video Slide (StageClip).  

    • After completing your ceremony slide (above) you will be prompted to create a personalized video slide that will be yours to keep.  You will also be able to post this on social media and/or distribute through email.  This slide will not be a part of the Virtual Graduation but will be your personal memory of this event.     


    MAY 11 - Students can start calling in their name pronunciations for their graduation slide.    

    • To do this, students must log into their Marching Order account.  Please see your emails from  All emails will be sent to each student's school email account.       


    MAY 13 - Students will pick up their Cap & Gown, Diploma Case, and a Senior Gift  

    • This will be a drive-by pick up, but we are encouraging students to wear their Mesa gear and decorate their cars.  Students will arrive based on the last name at the assigned time: 


                  **Students enrolled to take the AP Literature test will report at 9:00am. 

                  A-F  -  9:30-10:00am

                  G-L  -  10:00-10:30am

                  M-R  -  10:30-11:00am

                  S-Z  -  11:00-11:30am


    Posted: 2020 April 28 Tuesday



    I hope this finds you healthy and safe.  I am sure many of you can relate when I say, this adjustment from our traditional educational system to our temporary distance learning has certainly been a challenge!  While true, I also hope that all of you are taking time to learn new educational practices like Google Classroom and ZOOM, while also creating endless memories through this tough time. 

    My purpose for this email is to simply touch base and provide you with a few updates and reminders that have come up throughout the various discussions I’ve had with staff, students, and parents.  As always, we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we continue working through this rapidly evolving situation.  The updates and reminders below, discuss the following:

    • Graduation Plans/Discussions
    • MVHS Yearbook
    • Academic Credits and Student Engagement
    • Athletic Eligibility
    • Lunch Balances

    MVHS Graduation Plans:
    Seniors continue to be a priority and graduation plans are a consistent focus both at the school and district level.  It is important to know that all Principals, the Superintendent, and the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education are working collaboratively to firm up plans for all high schools in the district.  We hope to have a plan that can be presented to families soon.  At this time, it is important to remember that we must follow all State, Shelter-in-Place and social distancing protocols when considering graduation plans.  While we do not know what these orders will look like in June, we do know that we must develop a plan that will appropriately celebrate our Seniors and their families during this pandemic.  

    MVHS Yearbook:   First, I want to thank our Yearbook staff for all their efforts to continue working on a memorable yearbook.  It is important to remember that COVID19 has affected all of us in some way and the Yearbook program is no different. With a national shelter in place, the plant where our yearbooks are manufactured is shut down until May 20th. Assuming the shelter in place is not extended, we still will not receive our yearbooks until late June. We are exploring options for rush printing and shipping, but everyone across the nation is in the same situation.  Regardless, MVHS will develop a plan for all families who purchased a yearbook to receive their 2019/2020 yearbook.   

    Additionally, yearbooks are still for sale on the site and at Mesa Verde High School (mail a check to 7501 Carriage Dr. c/o: Mrs. Finney with "yearbook" on the memo line).  If you are paying by check, please make the check out to “Mesa Verde High School”.  As a result of COVID-19 we have reduced the price to our minimum possible price at $55 dollars. It is a beautiful book and worth every penny even though the pandemic cut short our coverage. Yearbooks are a personal history book and we would like everyone to purchase one so that the impact of these events can be preserved forever. However, if your family has been severely impacted by COVID-19, special arrangements can be made for individuals so they too can receive a yearbook.  If you have been impacted by COVID-19 and your original plans to purchase a book are no longer available, please fill out this form to communicate with MVHS and someone will get back to you with more information.  While we understand that some of you may have paid a higher price than $55, we ask that you take one of these actions:

    • Consider the difference you paid as a donation to the Yearbook Club.  You do not have to do anything if this is the choice you make.
    • Ask for a credit in the amount of the difference.  Given our current situation, please understand that this process will take time.  Should you select a refund of the difference, please email our financial controller at: and provide her with the student’s information and the student id number as well as the parent’s name, phone number, and home address.
    • Ask for a reduction in the price of a future yearbook.  Should you prefer this option, please notify and she will manage a list for the purchase of next year’s yearbook.

    **Reduced price on will go into effect within the next day or so. 

    Academic Credits and Student Engagement during Distance Learning: It’s important to remember that student engagement does matter during distance learning.  While the students’ education looks quite different than it did in February, it does matter.  If students are receiving Credit/No Credit, or letter grades, their academics during this pandemic will be on their permanent transcripts.  Please note that receiving “No Credit” will result in students falling behind and, in some cases, will result in students having to attend summer school or repeating coursework during the school year.  We encourage all students to prepare a daily schedule that provides them with adequate time to check-in with teachers and complete the necessary work.  Behind the scenes teachers are working hard to give students a strong academic distance learning program; students should take advantage of this process by actively engaging in the process. 

    As a reminder, please view the Mesa Verde Distance Learning Plan and our Updated Grading Policy, both of which can be found on our Family & Student Resource page

    Athletic Eligibility:  As a result of distance learning, the updated grading policy, and our unknown timeline, MVHS has updated our athletic eligibility through September 21, 2020.  Here’s the adjusted policy:

    • Unconditional participation in the Mesa Verde Athletics program (for First Grading Period of 2020 Only) requires a student-athlete to have earned A, B, C or CR (credit), in at least three of four classes from Spring 2020, (distance learning) Term 4 grades.   ie: Four classes with A, B, C, CR or Three classes with A, B, C, CR and one class with NC (no credit).
    • A student who earns TWO classes with CR and TWO classes with NC will be eligible to practice during the first grading period of Term 1, Fall 2020, but they are Not Eligible to Participate in ANY Contests during this grading period which ends September 21, 2020.   
    • A student who earns NC in three or four classes will Not Be Eligible to participate in athletics during Fall 2020

    **There will be no academic probation options offered during the first grading period of Fall 2020

    This information can also be found at

    Lunch balances: If you currently have a balance on your lunch account, you can request a refund by contacting SJUSD Nutrition Services at 

    Should you have any questions about the above information or anything regarding our current situation please contact

    Thank you and please take care of yourself and your families. 

    Posted: 2020 April 21 Tuesday

    **Last call for Google Chromebook Pickup**

    If you are still in need of a Google Chromebook, San Juan Unified is having one final Chromebook pick-up opportunity for ALL students.  Remember, each student in the household is allowed a computer.  Here's the information: 

    Date: Wednesday, April 22

    Time: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Location: SJUSD District Office, located at 3738 Walnut Ave. in Carmichael.

    When you arrive to pick up a device please have the following information with you: 

    • Student ID card or
    • For parents/guardians that arrive without a student, please bring an ID or driver’s license (a phone or utility bill may be accepted if the name and address on the bill matches a student’s parent/guardian of record).  


    Posted: 2020 April 17 Friday

    Hello Maverick Nation,

    Today, the following message was prepared by SJUSD's communications team and has been sent to all high school families.  Please notice that this is regarding an update to the SJUSD grading policy for Term 4.  


    With the shift to distance learning we have attempted to implement grading that will support our students and hold them harmless due to the many challenges they may face during COVID-19. That is why we are announcing a change to our grading practices for high school.


    As previously announced, our high schools will use a credit or no credit grading model by default. This means students will either earn credit for their course toward graduation requirements or not earn credits toward graduation but they will not, by default, receive a letter grade nor will their grade point averages (GPA) be impacted either positively or negatively. For many students, this will be the best option in the distance learning model. The University of California and California State University system, as well as many of the top private universities in the nation, have endorsed this model and shared that it will not impact a student’s ability to earn college admission. 


    However, we also recognize that for a variety of reasons students may want to earn a letter grade. For example, this could be especially important for students working to increase their GPA. To support all of our learners, our high schools will allow students to petition for a letter grade for the fourth term. To petition for a grade, students will need to follow the process outlined at


    We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to meet the needs of all students during these challenging times. Thank you for being a part of your school community and San Juan Unified School District. 


    Mesa Verde has also put this in a document that is similar to our previous grading policy announcement.  It is available here in both English and Spanish: Updated Grading Policy (en Espanol)


    It will be imperative that students and their families work closely with their teachers regarding the optional grading opportunity.  Please read the petition process closely and adhere to the timelines.  


    Should you have any questions about this updated grading policy please do not hesitate to reach out to your teachers or administration.  Here is a quick link to the teacher contact information and the administration can be reached via email at:,, and  



    Posted: 2020 April 7 Tuesday

    If you have already received a Chromebook, or if you are not in need of a computer, please disregard this announcement.  If you have not been able to pick up a Chromebook and you are still in need of one, please continue reading.

    All students can pick up a Chromebook during the remaining computer distribution dates (click here).  All locations are at Elementary School sites and MVHS students are welcome to pick one up as well.  Distribution at the Elementary School sites starts Monday, April 13.  Please view the schedule.

    Thank you and stay healthy.



    Si ya recibió una Chromebook, o si no necesita una computadora, ignore este anuncio. Si no ha podido recoger un Chromebook y todavía necesita uno, continúe leyendo.

    Todos los estudiantes pueden recoger una Chromebook durante las fechas restantes de distribución por computadora (haga clic aquí). Todos los lugares se encuentran en las escuelas primarias y los estudiantes de MVHS también pueden recoger uno. La distribución en las escuelas primarias comienza el lunes 13 de abril. Por favor vea el horario.

    Gracias y mantente saludable.


    Posted: 2020 April 4 Saturday

    Today marks the beginning of a well deserved Spring Break for both our teachers and families.  This has been an incredibly difficult time, but know that Mesa Verde High School staff has been hard at work to ensure that our students get back on track and finish the year strong.  While our school is physically closed for the remainder of the year, our learning will continue!  Here is some important information for our entire community to review during Spring Break.  


    MVHS Distance Learning Plan, Updated Grading Policy, and Teacher Contacts

    Mesa Verde High School Distance Learning Plan (Click here for Espanol) - What is distance learning?  How will students be engaged in activities?  What does the Mesa Verde Virtual Bell look like and how will it work? 

    Mesa Verde High School Updated Grading Policy (Click here for Espanol) - OUR GRADING POLICY HAS BEEN UPDATED.  PLEASE SEE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM APRIL 17 TO VIEW THE UPDATED POLICY.  Why are we changing our grading policy?  What will it look like for 3rd term and what's the timeline?  What type of grades will be issued?  

    Mesa Verde High School Updated Teacher Contact Information - What learning platform will my teachers be using?  How can I get a hold of my teachers? 


    Important Information for Students and Families as we transition to online learning

    1. Make sure the student knows how to log into his/her portal.  Click Here for directions. 
    2. Make sure the parent knows how to log into his/her portal.  Click Here for directions. 
    3. Make sure the student knows how to log into Google Classroom.  Click Here (written instructions) or Click Here (Video) 
    4. Unsure of your student/parent log in information is: Click Here and contact your counselor.    
    5. To visit our Family and Student Resource Webpage Click Here.  


    Maverick Nation...we are here to continue supporting all of our families.  Through these tough times it's important to remain positive and unified (#unitemavs). 


    Take care of yourself and your families.  Once a Maverick, Always a Maverick!


    Colin Bross

    MVHS Principal


    Posted: 2020 March 31 Tuesday

    Grades - Term 3 and Term 4
    As you know, we are encouraging students to participate in learning activities that emphasize Reading, Reviewing, and Enrichment.  While grades are currently on pause, it’s important to remember that online learning will be live after Spring Break (online launch to start as early as April 13).  Here’s what it means for grades:

    • Term 3 was originally set to end on March 20.  Because of the school closure, this date has been pushed back to April 17.  All teachers are expected to launch their distance learning classes by Wednesday, April 15, however they may choose to launch their courses as early as Monday, April 13.  During this first week back from Spring Break, teachers and students will complete their Term 3 coursework and close out their Term 3 grades.   
    • Term 4 will officially begin on Monday, April 20 and new instruction and online learning will continue. 

    It is important that families and students understand that in a distance learning format, students will not experience a traditional school day schedule, but they will experience a blend of various learning opportunities.  On Friday, April 3 Mesa Verde will have further announcements regarding our learning structure moving forward.


    Teacher/Counselor Communication
    Mesa Verde has collected contact information for each teacher during the school closure.   It will be important for families and students to contact teachers directly if they have questions specific to their class.  Click Here for a complete staff list and Click Here if you have specific questions for your counselor.


    Computer Check Out and Internet Service
    If you were unable to pick up a Google Chromebook at Mesa Verde and do not have access to a computer at home, you can still pick up a computer.  Here is how: 

    DATE: 4/2/20

    WHERE: Sylvan Middle School Library

    TIME: 8:00-4:00pm


    Because this new online environment will be virtual, Internet access is important.  If you currently are without internet service at home, please click the links below for more information:

    Free Internet for new customers: Offer from Comcast

    Other Internet Options (including contacting SJUSD for supports):


    Additionally, it will be important that all students know how to access their school email and Google Classroom.  Here are some helpful links for students and parents: 

    Click Here to learn how to log on to your Student Portal.  

    Click Here to learn how to log into Google Classroom. 

    Click Here to learn how to log into your Parent Portal


    Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by responding to this email or by calling 916-971-5299 and leaving a message (messages are being checked regularly during school closure).


    Posted: 2020 March 30 Monday

    **Technology Distribution UPDATE**

    On Friday, March 27 Mesa Verde handed out all of our Chromebooks.  But don't worry, there are more options for you to pick up a Chromebook if you do not have access to one at home.  You can wait for more information regarding regional make up dates, or feel free to stop by one of our feeder schools to pick one up: 

    Kingswood, Lichen, and Sylvan will be distributing Chromebooks on Thursday, April 2 between the hours of 8:00-4:00pm.  Please view this document for Sylvan and this document for Lichen and Kingswood.   


    Posted: 2020 March 27 Friday

    School closures extended through May 1

    This message is available in ArabicRussian and Ukrainian. Other languages will be available as soon as possible.

    With the guidance of health officials and in coordination with other local school districts, San Juan Unified has made the decision to extend campus closures through May 1.

    While our original goal was to re-open schools after spring break on April 13, it has become clear that the best way to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community is to extend our campus closures and transition to distance learning. 

    Families can expect more information in the days and weeks ahead on the methods and supports that are being developed and implemented to support distance learning. We are working to ensure that our teachers, staff members, students and parents are each able to engage in this new delivery model. 

    Please visit to learn about Chromebook distributions for those students who do not have access to a computer and continued school meal pick-up opportunities 

    We know you may have a lot of questions about all of this, including specific questions around graduation for our seniors and their families. We will continue to work with local health officials and keep you updated as soon as we have answers to share. In the meantime, please know that we are doing all that we can to make sure our students and families are supported during this difficult time through continued learning and resources.


    Posted: 2020 March 25 Wednesday


    (*Families will also receive a message regarding this from SJUSD)

    WHEN: Friday, March 27th

    WHERE:  Mesa Verde: Large Gym

    TIME: 8:00am – 4:00pm


    **To accommodate all of our families:  If you have students at multiple schools (Carriage, Sylvan, and Mesa for example) all students can pick up a Chromebook at Mesa Verde High during this pick up time.  



    1. Students must bring their school ID to check out a device
    2. Parents/guardians that arrive without their student must bring their student’s ID or their own work or other photo ID such as a driver’s license to receive a Chromebook for their student.
    3. If an ID is not available, a utility bill or mortgage statement to your home may be accepted if the name and address match the school’s information on record.


    **Please understand that we will be honoring social distancing while distributing Chromebooks and we ask for your patience and cooperation during this process. 


    Posted: 2020 March 23 Tuesday


    ATTENTION:  The Mesa Verde computer pick up information has been updated.  Both the location and the time have changed:

    Date: March 27, 2020

    Location: Mesa Verde High School - Large Gym

    Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm



    Posted: 2020 March 23 Monday

    (Español abajo)

    Hello Families,

    There has been some recent questions regarding Term 3 Grades.  Some of this was a result of our calendar showing the Term 3 grades will be mailed home this week and some parents being alerted to this.  Please know that we are currently deleting items from the calendar as a result of the school closure.  We hope this will reduce confusion.   

    IMPORTANT: Please know that all grades and grading periods are currently on hold.  Please see the link below for more information regarding other questions you might have. 

    Link to Q&A: Q& A Document

    **Refer to Questions #2 in this document regarding grading.
    Q2: When will 3rd Term/Quarter Grades be completed?
    A2: Beginning April 13, teachers will resume the last week of the 3rd term and assign work at that time.  Students will be allowed to complete any unfinished assignments and teachers will finalize grades and post 3rd Term/Quarter grades by April 20.

    Also, please know that all high school principal's will be meeting virtually this afternoon and I may have more information regarding timelines and plans moving forward.

    Thank you, 

    Colin Bross

    Principal, MVHS

    **As always, please continue to follow Mesa Verde High School using the following social media and/or website outlets:

    • Facebook: Mesa Verde High School
    • Instagram: @mvhsconnect
    • Mesa Verde High School App:  Our School App can be downloaded in the Google Play Store or iTunes Store by searching for "Mesa Verde High School".

    Helpful Websites:


    (Español abajo)

    Hola familias

    Ha habido algunas preguntas recientes sobre el término 3 grados. Algo de esto fue el resultado de nuestro calendario que muestra que los grados del tercer trimestre se enviarán a casa esta semana y algunos padres serán alertados de esto. Tenga en cuenta que actualmente estamos eliminando elementos del calendario como resultado del cierre de la escuela. Esperamos que esto reduzca la confusión.

    IMPORTANTE: sepa que todas las calificaciones y períodos de calificación están actualmente en espera. Consulte el siguiente enlace para obtener más información sobre otras preguntas que pueda tener.

    Enlace a preguntas y respuestas: documento de preguntas y respuestas

    ** Consulte las Preguntas n. ° 2 de este documento sobre la calificación.
    P2: ¿Cuándo se completarán los grados del tercer trimestre / trimestre?
    A2: A partir del 13 de abril, los maestros reanudarán la última semana del tercer trimestre y asignarán trabajo en ese momento. Se les permitirá a los estudiantes completar las tareas pendientes y los maestros finalizarán las calificaciones y publicarán las calificaciones del 3er trimestre / trimestre para el 20 de abril.

    Además, sepa que todos los directores de escuelas secundarias se reunirán virtualmente esta tarde y es posible que tenga más información con respecto a los plazos y planes para seguir adelante.

    Colin Bross
    Director, MVHS
    ** Como siempre, continúe siguiendo la Escuela Preparatoria Mesa Verde utilizando las siguientes redes sociales y / o sitios web:

     Facebook: Mesa Verde High School
    Instagram: @mvhsconnect
    Aplicación Mesa Verde High School: nuestra aplicación School se puede descargar en Google Play Store o iTunes Store buscando "Mesa Verde High School".

    Sitios web útiles: (en "Enlaces rápidos" verá enlaces rojos)
    Actualizaciones de administración durante el cierre de la escuela
    Recursos familiares y estudiantiles durante el cierre de la escuela
    Sitio web de información de SJUSD COVID-19


    Posted: 2020 March 21 Saturday

    Good morning Maverick Staff, Students, and Families,

    Through these difficult times it’s understandable that many of us may become overwhelmed with the mixed emotions that come with trying to understand this unprecedented pandemic.  What we need to remember is the importance of taking care of ourselves and our families while navigating through this turbulent time.  Also, when it comes to Mesa Verde High School and our students, I am confident that we will successfully overcome this hurdle.  Our students matter! Our families matter! 

    As we take the next steps, I want to reassure families that the Mesa Verde staff is a dedicated group of professionals that are actively preparing for the system changes that are coming.  To do this we need to work together: Once a Maverick, Always a Maverick!

    To keep you informed of the latest, here’s the important highlights as of Friday, March 20 (for the full SJUSD announcement, please click here):

    • Schools may not open after Spring Break (April 13)
    • Seniors will be the initial priority to ensure eligibility is met for graduation
    • District staff, site administrators, and our MVHS staff are working diligently to transition to a distance learning model of instruction.
    • SJUSD has determined a goal for distance learning implementation of Monday, April 13.  This means we will shift from our strategy of read, review and enrichment to a model of distance learning that allows for new assignments and new learning.  Information regarding Term 3 grades and grading moving forward will come later.
    • SJUSD and sites are finalizing plans for the distribution of technology to students who do not have devices.  Click here [MVHS Information Changed on 3/23] for the tentative distribution plan. For now, if your child would benefit from having a Google Chromebook, tentatively mark your calendar for pick up on March 27, 2020 from 8:00-4:00pm at San Juan High School in the large gym. [TIME/LOCATION CHANGE - POSTED 3/23]
    • SJUSD is working with families to identify gaps in internet connectivity and match them with free or reduced-cost solutions.  Click here for more information.
    • Students that are currently enrolled in APEX courses will regain access on Monday, March 23.  District is looking into securing additional licenses to expand access to the online learning the platform provides.  Students please keep an eye on your school email for next steps. 
    • SJUSD has started Q&A document for high schools.  Click here to view the document.
    • SJUSD continues to provide families with meal service.  Click here for the full information about the 27 sites distributing meals.   
    • SJUSD also understands that this remote learning model will provide challenges for some of our student population.  However, as stated in their latest announcement, our goal is to serve every student to the greatest extent possible.  SJUSD and sites will be using remote and distance learning tools that are part of the latest California Department of Education guidelines.  Click here to view these guidelines.  

    Finally, it is extremely important that students and families begin to prepare for the online learning platform and fully understand how to access the Student and Parent Portal moving forward.  Students and teachers will also need to become very familiar with Google Classroom and your school issued email address.  I have included documents to help students and parents with this process.  See our resources link for this information below: 

    • Directions for Student Portal 
      • **Student emails are through Gmail and us the following format:  "UserID” and your password is your PIN number (unless you changed it).  Your user id can be found under “login credentials” once you log in to your portal.
    • Directions to access Google Classroom 
    • Directions for Parent Portal 

    Should you have any questions or need help with login information, please feel free to reach out to specific teachers, administration, or a counselor. 

    As always, please continue to follow Mesa Verde High School using the following social media and/or website outlets:

    • Facebook: Mesa Verde High School
    • Instagram: @mvhsconnect
    • Mesa Verde High School App:  Our School App can be downloaded in the Google Play Store or iTunes Store by searching for "Mesa Verde High School".

    Helpful Websites:


    Colin Bross
    Principal, Mesa Verde High School


    Posted: 2020 March 20 Friday

    Planning for distance learning (from District Office)

    Translated versions of this message will be made available as soon as possible.

    Teaching and learning is at the heart of what we do each day. For the last week, health, safety and operational needs have been the priority, during which time we’ve rightfully heard many of our staff and parents call for more information on where we are headed instructionally.

    We have attempted to be thoughtful in how services are rolled out to ensure we can answer questions of equity and meet legal requirements under federal and state law related to equal access. Keeping these elements in mind, it is our intent that every senior, who meets eligibility requirements, graduates this June and that all of our students can engage in meaningful learning. 

    It is a possibility that schools may not open after spring break. Therefore, we are working diligently to transition to a distance learning model of instruction. This does not mean we are adopting new curriculum or new lesson plans but rather we are looking to deliver our existing curriculum and materials in different ways that meet the needs of our diverse sets of learners. It is our desire that by Monday, April 13 we will shift from our strategy of read, review and enrichment to a model of distance learning that allows for new assignments and new learning. 

    To facilitate this we are currently finalizing plans for the distribution of technology to students who do not have devices. Distribution is slated to begin with high schools on March 25 [TIME/DATE CHANGE FOR MESA VERDE]. Middle schools will follow by April 2, with elementary schools distributed prior to the end of the spring break. As part of this effort, we’ll also be working with families to identify gaps in internet connectivity and match them with free or reduced-cost community solutions. (Between now and March 27, technology services staff will be working to remove restrictions on devices that keep them locked to the district network as well as ensuring we have processes in place to track who materials are checked out to.) 

    We know our high school families, especially those with seniors, are anxious about future plans. We have begun to assemble answers to frequent questions for high schools. (Similar documents for middle and elementary will be published soon.) On March 23, high school students who were already active on the APEX platform for coursework and credit recovery will regain access. We are exploring how we might add licenses to expand access to the online learning the platform provides. 

    Our goal is to serve every student to the greatest extent possible using remote and distance learning tools using the latest California Department of Education guidelines. Our Special Education team is collaborating with general education staff to develop the best plans to support all learners. Over the next few weeks, case managers will be reaching out to each family individually to review and set up services.

    We are also working hard to implement support for our teachers and other educators as they make this shift through the use of virtual professional learning and collaborative communities of practitioners. All of our staff will have access to these services as they come online prior to our shift in delivery methods on April 13. Please note, that April 6-10 remains spring break with all staff off and no assignments or virtual office hours offered. 

    Like everything COVID-19 related, we expect this will be a rapidly evolving effort with changes by the moment. We ask for your patience and your guidance during this process to ensure that we support each other in this new model of distance learning and meet the needs of our learners. 


    Posted: 2020 March 19 Thursday (2 of 2)

    (Versión en español a continuación) 

    Maverick Students and Families,

    To keep you engaged in your learning, please click on this link to access our teacher Google Folders.  Inside these folders you will find enrichment activities that are relative to the subject matter. 

    Additionally, please click on this link to find out how to virtually communicate with your teachers.   

    All enrichment materials, resources and supports, and update information can be found on our website using the red links under "quick links".

    Thank you Maverick Nation...STAY STRONG and keep your heads up!

    Colin Bross
    Principal, Mesa Verde High School



    Estudiantes y familias de Maverick,

    Para mantenerlo involucrado en su aprendizaje, haga clic en este enlace para acceder a las carpetas de Google de nuestro maestro. Dentro de estas carpetas encontrará actividades de enriquecimiento relacionadas con el tema.

    Además, haga clic en este enlace para descubrir cómo comunicarse virtualmente con sus maestros.

    Todos los materiales de enriquecimiento, recursos y apoyos, y la información actualizada se pueden encontrar en nuestro sitio web utilizando los enlaces rojos en "enlaces rápidos".

    Gracias Nación Maverick ... MANTENTE FUERTE y mantén la cabeza en alto!

    Colin Bross
    Director, Mesa Verde High School


    Posted: 2020 March 19 Thursday (1 of 2)

    (Versión en español a continuación) 

    Hello Mesa Verde Families and Staff,

    First, let me say how much we appreciate your patience during this very stressful situation. We will continue to be accessible to our families and staff to answer questions and provide guidance for our students and families. As this is a very fluid and rapidly evolving situation, please understand that our entire system continues to work very hard to make ongoing plans as this situation progresses.  With that said, the San Juan Unified School District is preparing a district-wide message outlining detailed information about our current situation and next steps moving forward.

    This district-wide message will be sent to all families and staff tomorrow, Friday, March 20, 2020, by email and phone. Please keep an eye out for this information.

    Also, Mesa Verde will continue sending updated messages throughout the remainder of this process. Our goal is to be in communication with you as much we can, and as each day presents new and different information it will be our goal to keep you informed. 

    Please continue to follow Mesa Verde on our social media platforms and through our school App and website: (under "Quick Links" you'll see red links)

    Facebook: Mesa Verde High School

    Instagram: @mvhsconnect

    Mesa Verde High School App:  Our School App can be downloaded in the Google Play Store or iTunes Store by searching for "Mesa Verde High School".

    Again, thank you for your patience and perseverance.

    We wish you well.

    Colin Bross
    Principal, Mesa Verde High School.


    Este es el director de Mesa Verde, Colin Bross, con una actualización rápida.

    En primer lugar, permítanme decir cuánto apreciamos su paciencia durante esta situación tan estresante. Seguiremos siendo accesibles con nuestras familias y personal para responder preguntas y proporcionar orientación para nuestros estudiantes y familias. Como se trata de una situación que avanza constantemente y es de rápida evolución, por favor entienda que todo nuestro sistema sigue trabajando muy duro para hacer planes en curso a medida que esta situación progresa. Dicho esto, el Distrito Escolar Unificado de San Juan está preparando un mensaje para todo el distrito que describe información detallada sobre nuestra situación actual y los próximos pasos a seguir en el futuro.

    Este mensaje en todo el distrito se enviará a todas las familias y al personal mañana, viernes 20 de marzo de 2020 por correo electrónico y teléfono. Por favor, manténgase atento a esta información.

    Además, Mesa Verde continuará enviando mensajes actualizados durante el resto de este proceso. Nuestro objetivo es estar en comunicación con usted tanto como podamos.  Cada día se presenta información nueva y diferente y será nuestro objetivo mantenerlo informado.

    Por favor, continúe siguiendo Mesa Verde en nuestras plataformas de redes sociales y a través de nuestra aplicación escolar y sitio web: (en "Enlaces rápidos" verán enlaces rojos)

    Administration Updates During School Closure  Actualizaciones de administración durante el cierre de la escuela

    Family & Student Resources During School Closure  Recursos familiares y estudiantiles durante el cierre de la escuela

    SJUSD COVID-19 Information Website  Sitio web de información de SJUSD COVID-19

    Facebook: Escuela Secundaria Mesa Verde

    Instagram: @mvhsconnect

    Mesa Verde High School App: Nuestra aplicación escolar se puede descargar en Google Play Store o iTunes Store mediante la búsqueda de "Mesa Verde High School".

    Una vez más, gracias por su paciencia y perseverancia.

    Le deseamos lo mejor.

    Colin Bross
    Director, Escuela Preparatoria de Mesa Verde.


    Posted: 2020 March 18 Wednesday

    Good evening Maverick Nation,

    To say this week has been challenging would be an understatement, however, I continue to be proud of our staff and community as we navigate this difficult situation.  I want to take a minute to provide you with a couple updates. 

    1)  As you know, MVHS is now closed to the public and staff.  All staff members will be working remotely and are accessible through email until further notice.

    2)  Teachers are required to hold virtual office hours between the hours of 8:30-10:30 and 12:30-2:30 should you need to reach them. 

    3)  Tomorrow we will be posting information on our website that will provide you with information regarding ways to contact teachers throughout this closure (outside of just email). 

    4)  Mesa Verde will be using two locations to post updates regarding resources, teacher communication, enrichment activities, and general school closure information.  These sites can be found on our Mesa Verde Website under “Quick Links” (they are in RED)

    We will also push information out via our social media accounts.  Here’s a list of them:
          o    Facebook: Mesa Verde High School
          o    Instagram: @mvhsconnect
          o    Mesa Verde High School App:  Our School App can be downloaded in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store by searching for Mesa Verde High School.

    Please understand that Mesa Verde values our student’s education.  As such, our teachers have worked hard to provide enrichment activities for their students so they can continue their learning.  Tomorrow, we will post enrichment activities on our Family & Student Resources During School Closure, found under “quick links” on our homepage.  The enrichment activities are optional at this point. 

    Also, San Juan Unified will be providing the opportunity for families to pick up two meals daily (lunch and breakfast for the following day) in a mobile walk-up or drive-thru meal service for children 18 and under. This will begin Tuesday, March 17 at 26 school sites from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  At this time, this service will continue through Friday, April 3, Monday through Friday at the following Citrus Heights  locations (For a full list of locations visit this link).  For your convenience, please know that Lichen and Carriage have both been selected by the district to provide this service to families.  

    Again, thank you for your patience and perseverance during this very challenging time.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or your student’s teachers or counselor during this time.

    Links to our websites:
    Family & Student Resources During School Closure
    Administration Updates During School Closure
    SJUSD Update Website

    Hoping you are keeping healthy!

    Take Care, 

    Colin Bross

    Principal, MVHS



    Posted: 2020 March 17 Tuesday

    (Versión en español a continuación) 

    Maverick Nation,

    This has been a very difficult time but I want you to know that we will continue to focus on supporting our students and their families, while also taking care of our own families and friends.  Please know that we continue to work behind the scenes to have optional enrichment activities available for students while also continueing our supports for students and families that might be having a difficult time.  Here are some other important updates for now: 


    1)  Teachers used today to plan for the school closure and have prepared optional enrichment activities.  We are working together to place these in one location (some students may have received access directions from teachers) so students can access the materials.  It's important to remember that these are optional and students are not expected to complete them, and they will not be graded.  It is, however, suggested that learning continue through enrichment lessons. 


    2)  Many teachers have already reached out to their students and have a process in place for communicating with students and families.  Please know, however, that all teachers have virtual office hours from 8:30-am to 10:30-am and again from 12:30-pm to 2:30-pm.  As a district we are still working on a document that will provide the means of communication for students and parents to communicate with staff members during their office hours (phone, email, virtual meeting spaces, etc.).  For now, email is your best form of communication unless you have been told otherwise. More information will be available at a later date.  


    3)  As of today, all grading and grading periods are paused.  Teachers will not be submitting 3rd term/quarter grades.  More information will be available at a later date. 


    4)  Today, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Sacramento County Public Health issued new guidance asking residents to stay home unless needing to access essential services.  As a result, all employee access to school campuses for purposes other than the meal program will end at 6:00-pm on Wednesday, March 18.  This also means the campus is closed to the public. 


    5)  If students need work permits, they are to work with district staff member, Luis Cruz-Solache, at 


     6)  If families have any questions, please email Principal Colin Bross at


    We will be updating families through the following ways:

    To ensure streamlined information regarding Mesa Verde, all communication updates will come from the Principal's office ,and will be placed in this update log.  We will also be sending a link to the following social media/app outlets. 


    Facebook: Mesa Verde High School

    Instagram: @mvhsconnect

    Mesa Verde High School App:  Our School App can be downloaded in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store by searching for Mesa Verde High School. 


    Thank you Maverick Nation!  We are stronger together and we appreciate your support through this difficult time.  



    Nación Maverick,


    Este ha sido un momento muy difícil, pero quiero que sepan que seguiremos centrándonos en apoyar a nuestros estudiantes y sus familias, al mismo tiempo que cuidaremos de nuestras propias familias y amigos.  Por favor sepa que continuamos trabajando detrás de escena para tener actividades de enriquecimiento opcionales disponibles para los estudiantes, mientras que también continuamos nuestros apoyos para los estudiantes y las familias que podrían estar teniendo un momento difícil.  Aquí hay algunas otras actualizaciones importantes por ahora:


    1) Los maestros utilizaron el dia hoy para planificar el cierre de la escuela y han preparado actividades de enriquecimiento opcionales.  Estamos trabajando juntos para concentrarlos en un solo lugar (algunos estudiantes pueden haber recibido instrucciones de acceso de los maestros) para que los estudiantes puedan acceder a los materiales.  Es importante recordar que estos son opcionales y que no se espera que los estudiantes los completen y no se calificarán.  Sin embargo, se sugiere enriquecimiento para continuar aprendiendo.


    2) Muchos profesores ya se han puesto en contacto con sus estudiantes y tienen un proceso para comunicarse con los estudiantes y las familias.  Por favor, sepa que todos los maestros tienen horario de oficina virtual de 8:30 a 10:30 y de 12:30 a 2:30.  Como distrito todavía estamos trabajando en un documento que proporcionará los medios de comunicación para que los estudiantes y los padres se comuniquen con los miembros del personal durante su horario de oficina (teléfono, correo electrónico, espacios de reuniones virtuales, etc.).  Por ahora, el correo electrónico es su mejor forma de comunicación a menos que se le haya dicho lo contrario. Más información estará disponible en una fecha posterior. 

    3) A partir de hoy, todos los períodos de calificación y calificación están en pausa.  Los maestros no presentarán los grados del tercer trimestre.  Más información estará disponible en una fecha posterior.


    4) Hoy, para ayudar a prevenir la propagación de COVID-19  El Departamento de Salud Pública del Condado de Sacramento emitió una nueva guía pidiendo a los residentes que se queden en casa a menos que necesiten acceder a servicios esenciales.  Como resultado, todo el acceso de los empleados a los campus escolares para fines distintos del programa de comidas terminará a las 6:00 pm del miércoles 18 de marzo.  Esto también significa que el campus estara cerrado al público.


    5) Si los estudiantes necesitan permisos de trabajo, deben buscar ayuda con el miembro del personal del distrito, Luis Cruz-Solache en


    6) Si las familias tienen alguna pregunta, envíe un correo electrónico al director Colin Bross al


    Estaremos actualizando a las familias a través de las siguientes maneras:


    Para garantizar una información simplificada sobre Mesa Verde, todas las actualizaciones de comunicación provendrán de la oficina del Director y se colocarán en este registro de actualizaciones.  También enviaremos un enlace a las siguientes redes sociales/medios de comunicación de aplicaciones.


    Facebook: Mesa Verde High School (Preparatoria de Mesa Verde)


    Instagram: @mvhsconnect


    Mesa Verde High School App: Nuestra aplicación escolar se puede descargar en Google Play Store o App   

                                                           Store mediante la búsqueda de Mesa Verde High School.



    ¡Gracias Nación Maverick!  Somos más fuertes juntos y apreciamos su apoyo en este difícil momento. 




    Posted:  2020 March 16  Monday

    Maverick Nation,

    This has been an extremely difficult week but I can't express enough how proud I am of our students, staff, and families.  Though there have been unprecedented challenges (with more to come I'm sure) we have come together to work through them.  Please know that it is my commitment, and the entire staff's commitment, to continue supporting our students and families through this difficult time. 

    As you already have been informed, all Sacramento County Schools will be closed from March 16 - April 10 (Spring Break).  Please remember that all athletics (including practices) and student activities will be cancelled or rescheduled.  This includes all gatherings off campus including field trips.  Here is some quick information regarding moving forward with student-learning during this time:

    1) Although the campus will be closed to the public, teachers will be using Tuesday as a planning day to create virtual office hours that will include virtual and online reading, reviewing, and enrichment only. No new instruction will take place.  More information will be sent out via email, phone, and social media, over the coming days. 

    2) Teacher virtual office hours will take place, during regular work days, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. from a location of the teachers choice.  Students and families will be able to communicate with teachers through a variety of methods, depending on the teacher.  Examples may be email, Google Classroom, Remind 101, and/or phone calls.  Please know that more information will be delivered to parents and students as teachers finish their planning on Tuesday, and throughout the week.  We are also working together for options with families that may not have the necessary technology at home.   

    3) We will use March 13 as a final instructional day for student grades this term, however there will be opportunities for students to do some grade improvement if necessary.  Again, as teachers use their planning day you will receive more information regarding this. 

    4) Teacher grades for the current term will continue as planned and report cards will be sent home as normally planned based on our regular timeline.   

    5) As a result of the remote learning policy from the district, 9-week courses will have an official start date of April 13 (if/when students return).  No new instruction for any class will take place until students return to school.  In the interim teachers will encourage Reading, Reviewing, and Enrichment and will be working with students and families remotely.

    6) San Juan Unified will provide an opportunity for families to pick up two meals daily (lunch and breakfast for the following day) in a mobile walk-up or drive-thru meal service for children 18 and under. This will begin Tuesday, March 17 at 26 school sites from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. At this time, this service will continue through Friday, April 3, Monday through Friday at the following Citrus Heights  locations (For a full list of locations visit

          -  Arlington Heights Elementary, 6401 Trenton Way
          -  Carriage Drive Elementary, 7519 Carriage Dr.
          -  Grand Oaks Elementary, 7901 Rosswood Dr.
          -  Kingswood K-8, 5700 Primrose Dr.
          -  Lichen K-8, 8319 Lichen Dr.
          -  Mariposa Avenue Elementary, 7940 Mariposa Ave.
          -  San Juan High, 7551 Greenback Lane
          -  Woodside K-8, 8248 Villa Oak Dr.

    Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we continue to work together to support our students.  Our intent is to send out more information throughout next week as we continue to receive more information. 

    **For district updates please visit will also provide updates through our social media, our Mesa Verde App, and our website (  


    Please take care, and we will keep you informed. 

    Colin Bross

    Principal, Mesa Verde High School