Important Information

  • Monday, October 25

    Maverick Nation, 

    The Mesa Student Government class is excited to announce our Fall Ball...the first dance in over a year-and-a-half! 

    Please see the attached document and review the requirements to ensure a safe and fun event takes place. 

    Thank you. 

    CORRECTION ON TIME: The dance will be from 7:00pm - 10:00pm. 

    CLICK HERE for the details


    Tuesday, October 5


    Hello Maverick Families and Students,

    Mesa Verde is happy to announce our extensive Before, During, and After school tutoring program.  With students in need of support in many subjects, we have been able to secure teachers and instructional assistants throughout the day to support our students in multiple subjects.  Our tutoring services will kick off on Monday, October 11.  

    CLICK ON THIS LINK to view the tutoring schedule that is open to all. 

    • Before School Tutoring starts at 7:00am
    • Lunch Tutoring will be available for the entire lunch period
    • After School Tutoring starts at 3:20pm

    (**Check the schedule for specific subjects, times, and locations)

    We look forward to seeing our students take advantage of this opportunity and we look forward to celebrating student success as a result!



    Thursday, September 30


    Over the past 2-days we have seen an influx of food delivery services to our campus.  Please be advised of the following school policies: 

    1) Food delivery services (GrubHub, FoodJets, Door Dash, etc.) will be turned away upon entering our campus and students will not be refunded any money from the school.  

    2)  Food deliveries from family members must be checked in at the attendance office.  We will not pull students out of class to receive their food.  Family members must notify their student and have them pick their food up in the attendance office between classes and/or during lunch.   MVHS has visitor parking in the parking lot adjacent to the small gym.  


    Additionally, please know that all students do receive free lunch service throughout the 2021-2022 school year. 


    Thank you for your help in following these policies.  


    Wednesday, September 29

    **Please Read**

    Hello Maverick Nation, 

    Due to an oversight on my part I have made changes to our Bell Schedule/Finals Schedule.  Originally, MVHS did not have final dates set for Term 1 (October 7) and Term 3 (March 17).  As a result, I have edited our bell schedule finals dates (not adding days to the calendar, but editing the release time for students).  Here are the changes: 

    TERM 1 Updates

    October 6 - 1st and 2nd Period Only - Finals Schedule and students will be on campus from 8:15 - 12:35. 

    October 7 - 3rd and 4th Period Only - Finals Schedule and students will be on campus from 8:15 - 12:35.

    October 8 - Continue as planned - No School, recess day

    **Bus transportation department has been notified of this change. 

    **Please note that on finals days students will only attend two periods each day. 


    TERM 3 Updates

    March 16 - 1st and 2nd Period Only - Finals Schedule and students will be on campus from 8:15 - 12:35.

    March 17 - 3rd and 4th Period Only - Finals Schedule and students will be on campus from 8:15 - 12:35.

    March 18 - Continue as planned - No School, recess day

    **Bus transportation department has been notified of this change. 

    **Please note that on finals days students will only attend two periods each day. 


    You can also view all final dates and our bell schedule by viewing the attached Bell Schedule Document.  


    Thank you and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at or 916-971-5299. 




    Colin Bross

    Principal, MVHS

    Friday, September 10

    Yearbook News!

    Yearbooks are on sale now.

    To purchase your yearbook:

    1. Come to the main office and go to the MVHS Finance Office.  Kim Finney can help you.  Her contact information is: or 916-971-5266
    2. Balfour website at (Search Mesa Verde High School). 


    Pricing Schedule and Timeline:


    Oct. 1st=$60

    Nov. 1st =$65

    Feb. 1st=$70

    March 1st=$75


    Senior Ads (Deadline to submit is 12-17-21):

    Full Page $250 (10-15 pictures and a message for your senior)

    1/2 page $125 (7-9 pictures and a short message)

    1/4 page $70 (4-6 pictures and a very short message)

    1/8 page $40 (1-3 pictures and a one or two line message)

    For Senior Ads, we ask that as soon as you are finished paying for the ad, contact Mr. Sanchez, at and he will arrange for one of our designers to make a template for your senior ad. Please ensure that the pictures and the message are appropriate since there will be no refunds for rejected submissions.


    Remember, the Yearbook is a student production so there will be mistakes; however, there will be NO REFUNDS. We do our best to catch errors, but this work is student produced and student run. Please purchase your yearbook now, so you can get the lowest price possible.


    Senior Portraits:

    Senior Portraits are managed through Bill Smith Photography. Make sure you take at least your Yearbook sitting photo (free) with Bill Smith to ensure you are in the Senior Portrait section of the yearbook.  You can visit their website and schedule an appointment all the way up to the week of December 17th. Here's how to get in touch with Bill Smith Photography: 



    Mr. Sanchez and the Yearbook Staff

    Yearbook Advisor


    Wednesday, September 8

    Hello Maverick Families. 

    The following link is the Q&A from our Back-To-School Night.  Topics discussed: SJUSD Prevention Programs, Educational Talent Search (ETS), FLEX Period, and COVID Protocols.  Please take a moment to view and listen to the discussion.  

    Topic: Back-To-School

    Meeting Recording: CLICK HERE

    Access Passcode: MVHS2021#


    Contact tracing is performed immediately when our school is notified of a positive case.  The process: 

    1. Print Attendance rosters from the staff/student who test positive
    2. Print/Anaylze seating charts for the staff/student classrooms
    3. Provide questions to staff and speak with student/staff that test positive to ask important questions, including, but not limited to: 
      • Where you properly masked?
      • Where the students around the positive case properly masked?
      • Any speacial learning activities that took place outside of the seating chart?
      • Who ate lunch with the positive case and where?
      • Is the positive case a coach/athlete?  
      • When was the student/staff last on campus?
    4. Determine students that must enter MODIFIED QUARANTINE or FULL QUARANTINE
      • Modified for Unvaccinated student 
        • Continue to come to school if they are asymptomatic
        • Continue wearing masks
        • Test twice weekly (Testing sites: - No at home tests will be accepted
        • Email test results to Juli Paxiao at 
        • Students in modified quaratine are eligible to end all quarantine requirements after day 7 if they test negative at least five days after exposure (quarantine starting date).  
      • Modified for Vaccinated student
        • Fully vaccinated and asymptomatic students can continue to attend in-person learning without testing requirements but must demonstrate proof of vaccination. 
        • Email a copy/picture of vaccination card to Juli Paxiao at or come to the Principal's office and have her make a copy for you. 
      • Full Quarantine - When individuals test positive or were not wearing masks properly during time of exposure
        • 10-day quarantine
        • Eligible to end all quarantine requirements after day 7 if they test negative at least 5 days after exposure. 
        • (Testing sites: - No at home tests will be accepted
    5. Instruction and Classwork
      • Work is being provided in different ways, however the majority of our staff is providing work via Google Classroom. 
      • At this time, no live instruction will take place while students are out.   
      • Click on the following link to see how teachers are providing work and communicating with families: CLICK HERE

    Wednesday, August 4

    Good Morning Maverick Families,

    I hope this email finds you well.  I want to quickly update you regarding '21/'22 student schedules.  Currently, counselors are cleaning up schedules to ensure they are in the appropriate classes. As a result, schedules are not viewable to families at this time.  However, on Monday, August 9 schedules will be viewable to parents and students through the San Juan Portal.  

    To log into your portal please visit the following sites:



    If you can't remember or are unsure of your log in information please email Juli Paxiao at and she will provide you with the information. 

    After viewing your schedule, if you have questions, please schedule an appointment with your counselor by clicking on "Schedule an appointment".

    Tim Gager (Students with last name A-G)
    Schedule an appointment
    Phone: (916) 633-0826

    Heather Berkness (Students with last name H-O)
    Schedule an appointment
    Phone: (916) 546-8141

    Jennifer Howard (Students with last name P-Z)
    Schedule an appointment
    Phone: 916-365-2538

    Additionally, there will be no schedule pick up on campus.  Students will pick up a printed schedule upon arriving at MVHS on August 12 (In the large gym).  During this time, all students will also be provided with a 21-22 school shirt! 

    Looking forward to a smooth start and a great year.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Colin Bross
    Principal, Mesa Verde High School

    Friday, July 9, 2021

    *Information regarding the beginning of the year

    Please see the important LINKS below regarding the beginning of the school year:



    Take care and please reach out with any questions.  I can be reached at 916-971-5299 or by email at  My assistant, Juli Paxiao, can be reached at the same number or by email at   


    Colin Bross

    Principal, MVHS