• Coyle Contacts

    Coyle teachers will be avaliable during the hours of 8:30-10:30am and 12:30 - 2:30pm Monday- Friday. See the link above on the ways you can connect with you teachers including how they will be sharing their learning enrichment ideas with you.

     Or see the list below:

    Anne Davies TK  - Remind Adavies@sanjuan.edu https://www.remind. com/join/201920coy

    Aris Wilson Kindergarten - aris.wilson@sanjuan.edu 916 747-3078 81010@beefre3 

    Ashley Scott 5th grade - ashley.scott@sanjuan.edu Our Google Classroom name is : 5th Grade Fantasticos!

    Bonnie Sedgwick 1st grade - bonnie.sedgwick@sanjuan.edu @sedgwickm https://www.remind.com/join/sedgwickm

    Cherie TillettDownie 3rd grade - cherie.downei@sanjuan.edu

    Daniel Rule 1st grade - daniel.rule@sanjuan.edu @mrrules1

    Dina Ward - I'm an academic intervention specialist. I work with students who need remediation in reading and math. Email dinaward@sanjuan.edu

    Eric Cortez School Counselor - eric.cortez@sanjuan.edu (916) 241-3348  Phone number provided above can be used for either phone call or text. Video conference/check-ins via Zoom platform will be available upon request through either email or phone call/text.

    Erin Campo 4th grade - erin.campo@sanjuan.edu

    Gorica Jankovic  Behavior support - gorica.jankovic@sanjuan.edu 916-549-9865

    Heather De Leon MSN, RN, SNSC, PHN ECE/Infant Toddler ECE School Nurse - Health Email heather.deleon@sanjuan.edu Do not hesitate to contact me via email. I will be available during listed virtual hours.

    Heidi Nordahl Preschool Autism SDC - heidi.nordahl@sanjuan.edu 9162062478 I will be checking my email often during the hours of 8: 30 to 10:30 and 12:30 and 2:30

    Jamie Wykle Preschool Autism SDC-  jamie.wykle@sanjuan.edu Coyle Room 3 PM Class-remind.com/join/coylero 
    I will be collaborating with other preschool special education teachers to support our students and their families in the weeks ahead and to send out some activity ideas for parents. Please let me know if you have any questions. Take care everyone!

    Janel Hedrick 2nd grade - janel.hedrick@sanjuan.edu remind: fdb29k 
    I will be using my school email (janel. hedrick@sanjuan.edu) and Remind (Download free app and use fdb29k to join Mrs. Kenner' 2nd) to stay in touch. I will be available Mon. - Fri. from 8:30-10:30 & 12:30-2:30 for any questions. Please be patient during this time of transition. Sending love and concern that you and your family stay safe. Mrs. Hedrick

    Jennifer Wolfe Art -  jennifer.wolfe@sanjuan.edu  I will miss seeing you all. Remember to take deep breaths and be mindful.

    Josh Brouillet -  jbrouillet@sanjuan.edu 916-397-4262 

    Kara McGuire - Foster Youth Services Counselor kara.mcguire@sanjuan.edu (916)500-4624 

    Kelly Moynahan Speech Language Pathology - PS - 5th Also, I have preschool students with Autism that are in SDC Email Kelly.Moynahan@sanjuan.edu 

    Lauren Williams -  Lauren.williams@sanjuan.edu (513)218-9907 

    Lori Bridgham 2nd grade -  lbridgham@sanjuan.edu https://www.remind. com/join/bridgha 

    Mary Moran 3rd grade - Remind mary.moran@sanjuan.edu 81010 Text this message @moran3rd

    Matthew McGough 1st grade & Intervention Reading Support - matthew.mcgough@sanjuan. edu 916-873-3603 @sedgwickm

    Melissa Cunningham Resource Specialist - melissa.cunningham@sanjuan. edu 916-318-6614 Text may also be used.

    Miiko Earley -  miiko.earley@sanjuan.edu I can use the Language Line if need be. Thank you!

    Ms. Curtis Physical Education -  julianne.curtis@gmail.com  Google Classroom code for PE: jg65e2l

    Paulette Bickel -  paulette.bickel@sanjuan.edu Class name: Room 6 Class code:@pbick School:Coyle Avenue Elementary School

    Rhoda Mantell Credentialed School Nurse -rhoda.mantell@sanjuan.edu 916-835-7812 

    Scott Jones Adapted Physical Education Specialist - scjones@sanjuan.edu 

    Stacy Kenner 2nd grade -  Stacy.kenner@sanjuan.edu 9163961374 https://www.remind. com/join/fdb29k NA

    Teri Missildine  Preschool (Sp Ed ) - theresa.missildine@sanjuan. edu https://www.remind.com/join/missteri2 or text missteri2 to 81010 N/A Enjoy the extra cuddle time with your kiddos and explore outside

    Terri Fasuyi ECE/Infant Toddler Preschool-  TFasuyi@sanjuan.edu
    Meals to be provided Monday -Friday 11:30 -12:30 By curb side pickup ,daily until further notice .Please check Sanjuan site for updates .

    Thaxton King 5th grade - thaxton.king@sanjuan.edu 

    Tricia Lakey Reading Intervention - tricia.lakey@sanjuan.edu https://zoom.us/j/3958055148

    Trisha Hong 4th grade - trisha.hong@sanjuan.edu (916) 546-2889 Current Zoom link will be added to Google Classroom once set up.