Social Worker



    Housing Resource 

    If you are experiencing housing struggles with paying rent or possible eviction due to Covid-19, please visit the following site: 


    Food Resource 

    The link below provides a list to current food banks in your area. Sacramento Food Bank is updating list regularly: 


    Unemployment Resource 

    If you have recently lost employment due to Covid-19 please click on following link: 


    Covered California 

    Services that connects Californians with brand name health insurance (discounted depending on income) or Medical has been reopened due to Covid-19. Applications will be accepted through June 30, 2020. This can be completed onlinehttps://www.coveredca.com/medi-cal or by calling (800)300-1506. 

    Please note: Medical is not canceling coverage for those that have not reapplied- there is a 90 day grace period. 

    Mental Health Resources 

    If you or your child(ren) are experiencing a mental health crisis please visit the following: 

    Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic- (916) 520-2460 

    2130 Stockton Blvd, Building 300 , Sacramento, CA 95817 

    Weekdays 10AM- 10PM 

    Weekends 10AM- 6PM 

    Explaining Covid-19 to Children 

    If you would like a child friendly way to explain Covid-19 to children, please see following link: