• Cameron Ranch Elementary Action Team for Education (CREATE)

    Our community collaborative is a volunteer group that supports extracurricular fundraising, family engagement and volunteer activities.  Any community member, staff member, family member and student is welcome to join the collaborative to support learning and extracurricular activities across campus.

CREATE needs volunteers. Call the school office for details.
"EnGAMEment Award" for student engagement. Image includes Cameron Ranch falcon head logo with 4 dice on each side.
  • New "EnGAMEment Awards" for student Engagement!

    Students will have individualized goals to support their learning towards self empowerment. Teachers will choose winners who have reached individual goals. The intent is for every student to gain recognition between Februrary and the end of May 2021.

    Winners will be recognized for their engagement effort with a call home (from front office) and a learning game of their choice. (Variety of games have been purchased). 

    I can demonstrate my engagement at school by...

    • Responding in class Zoom
    • Attending lunch time Zoom
    • Completing assignments
    • Following Zoom rules
    • Having camera on during morning meeting
    • and more!

     Builders/Art Club Wednesdays @ 12:00

    ID: 812 9394 7324

    PC: Builders


    Counselor Lunch Bunch Fridays @11:30

    ID: 818 6038 7830

    PC: 671917