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    Del Paso Manor's dedicated school counselors have establishe a new feature called Parent's Corner. This page will have advice and suggestions for helping you as you guide your child(ren) through these challening times. 



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    June 2020 – Issue 3


    Del Paso Manor Elementary

    Parent’s Corner



    Change is what happens to us or around us. Transition is what happens inside of us as we adjust to changes.

    There are a lot of changes happening right now and it can be unsettling. We dont' yet know what "school" will look like.

    William Bridges, a teacher and management consultant, developed this model to help people understand and move through transition.

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    In the beginning, we have Endings - Changes bring endings to what we've known. We must acknowledge the loss, grief and our own feelings.

    In the Neutral Zone, we try to make sense of the unknown and who we are in the process.

    When we arrive at New Beginnings, it is possible to find a lot of positive energy as we create the future.


     For more information on William Bridges and Transitions, visit:



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    By: Good Therapy


    Compassion fatigue can take a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional toll on people who experience it. Common symptoms of compassion fatigue include:

    • Chronic physical and emotional exhaustion Depersonalization

    • Feelings of inequity toward the therapeutic or caregiver relationshipIrritability
    • Feelings of self-contempt
    • Difficulty sleeping

    • Weight loss

    • Headaches

    • Poor job satisfaction


    Compassion fatigue:

    stress resulting from helping or wanting to help people who are experiencing trauma or suffering




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