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    To Request: Student Records: Cumulative, Health, Grades, etc.

    Transcripts and Education Verifications (Parchment Only)

    Email: alluria.smith@sanjuan.edu         Phone: 916-971-7496 

    Semester 1 2020-2021 Transcripts viewable in Q & Parchment on Jan. 8, 2021

    Semester 2 2020-2021 Transcripts viewable in Q & Parchment on June 14, 2021

    Records requested during school holidays and breaks will take longer to process


    Transcript Request- All Current, Former Students and Education Verifications



    Parents: if you are creating an account for your student(s):

    • Only include student information
    • Include San Juan email
    • Include San Juan ID number
    • FULL Legal First and Last Name
    • Start Year (year the student began at Rio)/ End Year (the year the student will graduate from Rio)
    • Information MUST match what is in the Student Portal


    Do not include Parent information 

    • Requests cannot not be processed if they contain any parent information
    • Incorrect orders are placed on hold until corrected
    • After creating the new learner account, you can specify the transcript be sent to a parent email address


    For Multiple Students:

    • New Learner Accounts must be created one at a time
    • Create separate accounts for each student
    • It is recommended that you use two different browsers when creating multiple accounts
    • Sign out of the first account before creating a new account 
    • ONLY use the Rio Parchment Link for students who attend(ed) Rio (each high school has its own link) 


    Current Students: 

    • Are allotted 5 free Transcsript orders per year
    • $3 per each subsequent request
    • Specify if you want Unofficial or Hold for Grades:
      • If the transcript is held for grades, the transcript will not be sent until final grades post in January or June- Electronic or Hard Copy
    • Official Transcripts are sent from Parchment to your university, college, NCAA, Military academy, etc. 
      • If you specify a hard copy, it will be sent via parchment in a sealed envelope labeled "Official Do Not Open"
      • Any hard copy to your home and forwarded will not be considered an Official Transcript
      • Official Sealed Transcripts must be sent directly to the destination from Parchment
      • Parchment will email you at each step through the Process
      • To send transcripts to multiple locales, submit a separate order for each destination
      • Please allow colleges 6 weeks to process transcripts once received


    Former Students:

    • Use the Full First and Last Name used while attending Rio
      • If married or name changed, put that name in paratheses 
    • Enter the year you graduated from Rio Americano
    • Start Year (year the student began at Rio)/ End Year (the year the student graduated from Rio)
    • Enter the correct Date of Birth
    • $8.95 per transcript request
    • Please allow colleges 6 weeks to process transcripts once received


    Education Verifications:

    • Use the Student's Full First and Last Name used while attending Rio
    • If the student is married or had  name changed, put that name in paratheses 
    • Use the year graduated from Rio
    • Use the student Date of Birth
    • $20 per request



    CLICK HERE- for instructions to set up a Parchment Account 


    Click Here to watch a video on how to create an your account


    Click Here to watch a video on how to Order (request) your transcript 


    Current Students CLICK HERE to Sign into your existing Rio Parchment Account OR  Create a New Learner Account 

    Former Students CLICK HERE to sign into your exsisting Rio Parchment Account OR Create a New Learner Account

    Third Party Accounts CLICK HERE to request a transcript on behalf of a former student for Ed Verifications


    CLICK HERE to download information for Current Students


    Parent/ Guardian Request for Student Records

    To request student records i.e. Proof of Enrollment, Immunization Records, Special Education Records, 504 Plans, etc., please 

    CLICK HERE to download the Rio Americano Request For Records. 

    Email or bring the completed form to the Registrar Ms. Smith, along with a copy of your driver's license. This form is NOT used for requesting transcripts orn Cumulative Files. 


    Cumulative File & Student Withdrawal


    Please contact Ms. Smith via email: alluria.smith@sanjuan.edu or at 916-971-7496


    9-12 Independent Learning 2020-2021


    Independent Learning for students in grades 9 through 12 is designed as an option for self-directed learners. Students in the program will be paired with a master teacher who will provide guidance toward course completion and remaining on track for graduation. Because students will remain enrolled at their high school, they'll also be able to access athletics and extracurricular activities.  


    To enroll your student at Rio Americano High School, please contact San Juan Central Enrollment office at 916-726-5826  or  CLICK HERE  

      GED Requests

    Contact the State of California at 1-877-392-6433

    AP or SAT Results

    Contact College Board at 1-866-630-9305. Rio Americano does not keep results on site 

    School Ranking

     Per San Juan Unified School District Board Policy, SJUSD no longer ranks students. In keeping with nation-wide practices, class ranking is no longer reported to Institutions of Higher Learning due to the innumerable variations that can occur in GPA calculations. Students will be evaluated on individual merit without comparison to others. 

    Change of Address, Email, Emergency Contact, and Phone Number

    CLICK HERE-  for instructions on how to change your address, email, emergency contact, and/or phone number. 

     Rio Americano GRADING PERIOD: 2020-2021

    Progress Reports are viewable in the Student and Parent Portals in Q  https://portal.sanjuan.edu/LoginPolicy.jsp

    • Final Semester grades are available on the transcript on Parchment


    • Transcripts include ONLY final semster grades on Parchment  

    Grading Period

    Term Begins

    Term Ends

    Grades Viewable by Parents & Students













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    Sem 2