• Ms. Smith, Registrar ~Located in the Counseling Office


    First Day of School: Thurs. Aug. 11, 2022

    Last Day of School: Tues. June 6, 2023  


    Email: alluria.smith@sanjuan.edu         Phone: 916-971-7496


    Records requested during school holidays and breaks will take longer to process

    Transcripts are continuously updated. Individual notifications are not sent out. 

    When the Rio transcript is updated, the changes/ updates will automatically show in Q  (Student and Parent Portals). 
    In Parchment, a new transcript request (order) must be submitted to see the changes/ updates. Parchment does not automatically update with grade additions or changes.  

    Replacement diplomas are not available.


    Online classes taken outside of Rio Americano HS


    • Send a proof of course completion certificate or transcript to Ms. Smith AND your Rio Counselor
      • Online classes through one or more of the following: BYU, Silicon Valley, ARC, Options for Youth, etc. 


    • APEX courses outside of SJUSD- transcripts MUST be sent to Ms. Smith through Parchment


    • APEX courses through SJUSD-  are automatically posted to your Rio Americano transcript every quarter. 
      • Student & Parent Portals- once the Rio transcript is updated, the changes/ updates will automatically be viewable
      • Parchment- a new transcript request (order) must be submitted to see the changes/ updates. Parchment does not automatically update with grade additions or changes.


    CLICK HERE  For Class of 2023 Graduation Information


    Transcript/ Education Verification/ Proof of Enrollment- Parchment ONLY 

    One Account Per Student/ School Specific


    Watch the YouTube Video- How to Order Transcripts


    Watch the YouTube Video- Register for your account with a registration code (at senior checkout)



    When creating your account in Parchment, be sure to list ALL high schools and years attended (drop down when creating your account). If Rio Americano is not the last school you attended, please contact your last school attended for the most up-to-date transcript.  

    Once the Rio transcript it updated, the changes/ updates will automatically show in Q. 

    In Parchment, a new transcript request (order) must be submitted to see the changes/ updates. Parchment does not automatically update with grade additions or changes.  


    CLICK HERE to sign into your Rio Parchment Account OR to Create a New Learner Account


    CLICK HERE for PDF of Instructions with Graphics



    Current Students: 5 free Transcript orders per year// $6.00 per subsequent request (after first 5)

    • Specify if you want Unofficial or Hold for Grades:
      • If held for grades, the transcript  will be released after semester grades are processed in June and January (Electronic or Hard Copy)
        • Mid- Year Transcripts: email Ms. Smith to let her know to release your transcript 


    Alumni: $12.00 per transcript request// Parchment Profile questions for college reach out do not have to be completed before ordering a transcript   

    Education/ Graduation Verifications: $20 per request

    Enrollment Verifications- for DMV, Social Security, Taxes: Current Students: $1.00 after second request// Alumni: $20.00 per request


         USPS Domestic - There will be no change to our USPS domestic postage rate

         USPS International - $5.40 

         FedEx Domestic - $32.00

         FedEx International - $58.00


    Student Withdrawal

    ALL FAMILIES withdrawing from Rio must

    • Parent(s)  must submit the Official Parent Withdrawal Request Form (submit to Registrar Ms. Smith)
    • Return all Rio materials (Chromebook, textbooks, athletic equipment, etc.) prior to the withdrawal
    • Call 916-971-7496 or email the Rio Americano Registrar to schedule an appointment to withdraw your student. Appointments subject to availability


    • NOTE- Students with a 504 or IEP MUST meet with the Case Manager prior to withdrawal to El Sereno.
      • El Sereno withdrawals must go through San Juan Central and be approved for an Intra- District Transfer prior to the withdrawal.


    Official Cumulative Record Requests can be mailed or emailed to the Rio Americano Registrar (Ms. Smith) on School Letterhead. 


    Cumulative Records are kept on site for five (5) years past the student's graduation year, then destroyed


    Student/ Parent/ Guardian Request for Student Records 

    CLICK HERE  to download the Rio Americano Request For Records Fillable Form. Email or bring the completed form and a copy of your drivers license to Ms. Smith in the counseling office. 

    This form is NOT used for requesting transcripts, 504 Plans, Special Education Records, or Cumulative Files.


    504 Documents

    Prior to the release of any requested 504 documents, the requestor MUST complete the Consent to Release Records Form

    Current Rio Americano students: please contact your counselor. 


    Graduates or former students: please complete a request for the Student Records Form (above) and contact the Registrar.

    CLICK HERE to download the Consent to Release Form. Send this to Ms. Smith along with the Request for Student Records Form

    504 Plans are kept at Rio for five (5) years past the student's graduation year; then are destroyed. 


    IEP (Individual Education Plan) Documents

    Current Rio Americano students, please contact your case manager for information and for a complete copy of your IEP.


    It is HIGHLY recommended for graduating seniors to take their brown folder when graduating. Complete copies are not always available.


    • Former Students- please contact the SJUSD Special Education Office at 916-971-7526

    All IEP's (complete or partial) are sent to the Special Education Office when a student leaves Rio Americano (graduated or withdrawn).

    These records are kept for five (5) years past the student's graduation year, then destroyed. 



    All San Juan Central enrollments, transfers, and address changes are done online. You can call for assistance (916-726-5826)

    Please read the information to select the correct link on each page: 

    Open Enrollment (Open December 5, 2022 at 8:00 AM – January 20, 2023 at 5:00 PM ) This process is only for residents of SJUSD who want a school other than a resident school or an established home school for the next year.    https://www.sanjuan.edu/Page/50916


    New Student Registration for this year 22-23 and next year 23-24 For all new students and re-enrolling students who left and are coming back 


    • 22-23 year - enrolling now through the end of the school year TK-12
    • 23-24 year – enrolling February 6, 2023 – through the end of the 23-24 school year (KN – 12th grade)
    • TK lottery TBD


    TK Lottery ( Open February 13, 2023 8:00 AM – March 17, 2023 5:00 PM ) For all incoming TK students who live in our district. 


    • Eligibility dates are birthdates from September 2, 2018 – April 2, 2019
    • TK Lottery results will be email to parents from PowerSchool on or near March 31, 2023
    • After the TK lottery is completed, families will have until April 21, 2023 to accept or decline the seat and enroll in the district through the New Student Registration form or the spot will be forfeited.

    Interdistrict Transfer Priority Window ( Open January 30, 2023 8:00 AM – February 28, 2023 5:00 PM ). For students who live out of district boundaries and want to enroll in a SJUSD school https://www.sanjuan.edu/Page/50916


    Intradistrict Transfer Priority Window ( Open March 1, 2023 8:00 AM – April 29, 2023 5:00 PM ) Any in district student who missed the Open Enrollment Window



    Once you are notified [that] your student is enrolled, the Rio Americano HS Counseling Office will contact your family to set an appointment to create a schedule for your student with the grade level counselor. 

      • Please bring the following documents
        • Copies of the transcript
        • Withdraw grades from the previous school
        • If applicable: a copy of the most recent 504 Plan and/ or IEP 



    Change of Address, Email, Emergency Contact, and Phone Number

    Address Changes ( Open all year round ) Any family who has an address change within SJUSD or who moves out of the district and wants to stay within SJUSD schools

    • If a family moves out of SJUSD and wishes to stay in SJUSD schools, they must submit an Interdistrict Transfer Permit (ITP) from the new resident district
    • Go to the new resident district to be released ) and then fill out our online Interdistrict Transfer form
    • Then upload a copy of the release paperwork you filled out for the new resident district.




    Cal Grant (GPA Verification) is now filed electronically for all SJUSD seniors through the San Juan School District Office.  The FAFSA must be submitted by March 2nd in order to submit a CAL Grant Request. 



    NCAA Eligibilty Clearing House

    All Transcripts can be sent to the NCAA Clearing House through your Parchment Account (standard transcript requesting procedures)



    The priority deadline is March 2, 2023. You must submit a FAFSA prior to submitting a Cal Grant Request

    The FAFSA form must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Central time (CT) on June 30, 2023. Any corrections or updates must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CT on Sept. 10, 2023.



      GED Requests

    Contact the State of California at 1-877-392-6433


    AP or SAT Results

    Contact College Board at 1-866-630-9305. Rio Americano does not keep results on site 


    School Ranking


    Per San Juan Unified School District Board Policy, SJUSD no longer ranks students. In keeping with nation-wide practices, class ranking is no longer reported to Institutions of Higher Learning nor is the information given to students or families due to the innumerable variations that can occur in GPA calculations. Students will be evaluated on individual merit without comparison to others. 


    Rio Americano GRADING PERIOD: 2022-2023 

    Progress Reports are viewable in the Student and Parent Portals in Q  https://portal.sanjuan.edu/LoginPolicy.jsp

    • Final Semester grades are available on request in Parchment 


    • Transcripts are provided via Parchment ONLY and include final semester grades from each high school year. Transcripts are NOT mailed home or provided in person.



    Grading Period

    Term Begins

    Term Ends

    Grades Viewable by Parents & Students













    Sem 1
















    Sem 2