• In alignment with updated guidance from Sacramento County officials on July 15, San Juan Unified schools will NOT offer an in-person learning model to start the 2020-21 school year. As of mid-July, Sacramento County and surrounding areas are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 infection rates and hospitalizations as well as a lack of testing and intensive care unit bed capacity. 

    By default, students will be enrolled in a strengthened distance learning model, but families will also have the option to move to a TK-8 homeschool or 9-12 independent learning. District staff continue to monitor conditions and work closely with health officials to determine when a modified in-person model of instruction can be offered. 

When will in-person learning be offered?

  • On July 17, the San Juan Unified School District Board of Education approved a range of learning models to be offered to families as health conditions allow. As conditions improve, the district plans to transition to a modified in-person model of instruction offering two days of on campus learning each week and three days of remote learning. This model allows for fewer students to be on campus and smaller groups of students to limit the opportunity for exposure and spread of COVID-19. Once conditions improve further, a return to a full five-day per week model of in-person learning will be made if safe to do so for students, staff members and our community. 


    Learning Model Range