• 2019-2020 Yearbook Pickup Information


    2020 Yearbooks are still available in the Financial Office. Contact Ms. Pucci at stacy.pucci@sanjuan.edu to schedule a date and time for pickup.


    Note: The yearbook staff is rightly proud of this years book, and we hope you will enjoy it. Please keep in mind that the book is a student publication and was created by the smallest and least experienced staff I have ever worked with. They did an amazing job, but they were producing content as they learned how to do it. And then, of course, school shut down three weeks before our final deadline. Thus, despite the overall high-quality of the book, we know there are going to be mistakes and some pages that arent as good as others. We might have missed something or left something out. If you have any problem with the book or with your order please contact me, the adviser, Mr. Mahoney at mmahoney@sanjuan.edu. If I can fix the problem I will. If I cant change this book, we can still learn from your feedback to do better next year.