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    • August 7 at 8am
    • August 7 at 2pm
    • August 10 at 6pm en espanol
    • August 11 at 6pm

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  • Frequently Asked Questions regarding Distance Learning for Fall 2020


    Distance Learning FAQ for Fall 2020


    1. How does my child attend school? 
      1. Every morning by 9am, your student should be logged in to a Zoom class. There will be 4 classes every day (and 7 on Wednesdays). Watch the Video above on the Zoom Schedule for more information. 
    2. Will attendance be required?
      1. Yes. Attendance will be taken every class period, every day via Zoom. If you child is logged in to the Zoom session, it will automatically tell the teacher what time s/he logged in. 
    3. What happens if my child does not log in to his/her Zoom classes?
      1. This will count as a cut for the class period/day. You will receive a phone call from attendance stating that your child was absent for one or more periods (just like you used to).
    4. Will teachers be required to Zoom with my students? 
      1. Yes. Every teacher is now required to Zoom for 30 minutes per period daily with his/her students. During that ‘live instruction,’ your teachers will go over any new material and/or upcoming assignments that will be posted in Google Classroom. 
    5. What do I do if I need a schedule change for my child?
      1. Contact your counselor via email. You may need to return a textbook (in person) and pick up a new one if it is a course change.