• How to Use a Digital Camera - From Basics to Advanced 12.5 hrs 5 sessions

    Are you tired of not knowing how to use your digital camera? This class will start you with the basics and move you into the advanced techniques in one class! This class includes: camera menus, shooting modes, flash, stopping action, avoiding blurry photos, using the LCD screen, as well as what all those icons do on your camera. We'll discuss useful hints for taking gorgeous photos. You will be able to move beyond automatic to the Creative Modes of Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Program, Manual and ISO. You may take this class even if you don't own a digital camera.

    No experience necessary. Prerequisites: Your camera needs to have the following: Speed control (S or Tv), Aperture control (A or Av), and Manual (M).

    After you register for this, you will receive the ZOOM information and instructions via email 7 days before class begins. Please check your Spam/Junk mail in case the email is sent there. If you wish to email the teacher for more information, please email roy@roysalisbury.com


    Days:  TBD {Please check back on this page for Spring 2021 classes}

    Time: TBD

    Fee:  TBD