• Work Permit Information

    Work Permits are available all Summer


    Congratulations on your new job!  Please follow these instructions to obtain a work permit.


    Effective January 1, 2023, students are eligible for a work permit if they have:

    • Minimum 2.0 GPA for the most recent grading period

    • Less than 26 periods of truancy (Y or C codes)


    1. Before starting your first day of work, a work permit application needs to be completed. Your employer will need to fill out their portion and sign. A parent/guardian signature is also required.


    1. Once your application is completed, please bring it to the front office, the Principal’s Office, or email the application to Mrs. Jacobson at tina.jacobson@sanjuan.edu.


    1. Please allow 48 hours to process your application.  


    1. When your work permit is ready for you to sign you will be called to the Principal’s Office to sign your permit.


    1. Bring your work permit to your first day of work and give it to your manager.


    1. Work permits do expire. Please make sure to request an extension several days before your permit expires. Extensions for the same employer do not require a work permit application. Contact Mrs. Jacobson at (916) 971-5485 or email tina.jacobson@sanjuan.edu if you have any questions.