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  • MLHS Student Support

     Mira Loma High School may be a school of 1700-1800 Students, but we work hard to create a community of staff and students that advocate for each other's needs and support one another.  Throughout the school year, we offer many services from after-school tutoring, athletic and academic teams, student-clubs, counseling services, peer-support groups, peer-mediation listening circles, and Friendship Days to help support our student population. 

    However, during the school closer (and potential later reduce class days) we are acutely aware of the increasing need for those services. We have gathered many resources, revised offerings, and alternative supports for our students. If you (or your student) are in need of any academic, emotional, physical, or community support, please explore our resources. 

Tutoring is now available
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Heart Health
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  • Academic Support 

    Mira Loma is proud to have tutoring options for students seeking academic support. 


    Before and After School Tutoring Schedule

    Monday - Wednesday

    7:25am - 8:25am

    3:45pm - 4:45pm

    Visit the Tutoring page for more details

  • Bilingual Instructional Assistants (BIAs)

    BIAs may be available during after school tutoring in the Mira Loma Library. Languages: Farsi, Dari, Pashto


    Spanish Tutoring

    Tutoring for Spanish, Math (in Spanish), English (in Spanish)

    Click here to email the Spanish Honor's Society 


  • Emotional Wellness 

    We understand the unique challenges that face students, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Counseling office at Mira Loma is available even though the school is closed to help students with a variety of support and services. 

    While we are engaged in Distance Learning this semester, our office is committed to helping students enroll in classes that will help them reach their academic goals, transition into the colleges they prepare for, and have the supports they need to thrive during their time at Mira Loma. This includes helping students work towards academic success and create plans that will foster the results they are looking for and applying to colleges that align with their personal/professional goals. 

    We are also aware that there are emotional tolls that Distance-Learning and social isolation create. 

    If you would like to talk to a counselor about any issue (social, emotional, personal, academic, or just need someone to listen) please contact us:

    Michelle Magana (A-Dh)

    Jeannine Hall (Di-La)

    Sandra Stone (Lb-Ra)

    Hannah Thompson (Rb-Z)



    CareSolace-Self Referral (click here to access the site)


    San Juan Wellness Room (click here to access the site)


    White House Counseling Referral 

    Contact Student's Counselor: Michelle Magaña (A-Dh) Jeannine Hall (Di-La)
    Sandra Stone (Lb-Ra) Hannah Thompson (Rb-Z)


  • Physical Wellness


    We at Mira Loma understand that even before Distance-Learning began physical health is a constant concern of parents and students. During a pandemic knowing how to stay physically healthy is even more important. We have assembled a few resources to help students with their goal of being healthy and maintaining that health.

    For Covid-19 related Health Resources such as free COVID-19 visits, How to apply for Covered California, and symptoms please click here.  

    For tips on managing stress related to both the pandemic and increased social separation click here. 

    For San Juan Unified Healthcare Resources click here 


    Physical health 

    For Resources regarding keeping physically active from home click here  

    To access a collection of, free, fitness studio and gym offerings that can be live-streamed from home click here

    Our Physical Education Teachers have resources that they share with students. Please visit our Physical Education Department (click here) 

    Mira Loma currently expects to offer Winter Sports and Spring Sports. To learn more, please visit our Athletics page (click here) 


  • Connect with the Mira Loma Community

    Mira Loma has a robust Student-Life. Even through the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of our student-clubs, academic teams, and special-interest entities have remained active. This includes (but is not limited to) our Pride Club (LGTBQ) Speech and Debate Team, Future Business Leaders of America, Mira Loma Dance Company, and Latinos Unidos. 


    To access the complete list of 2020-2021 Active Clubs Click here.

    When school resumes Mira Loma hosts Friendship Day, an all-grade, all-academic-programs fun day to get to know students throughout Mira Loma. If you would like to be involved click here. 

    Mira Loma hosts listening circles for students to advocate for the overall well-being and health of this campus.

    Student Government is an elected body that helps run rallies, events, social media, and communication throughout the school year. 

    Mira Loma students publish an on-line newspaper "Mira Loma Today" to help students stay in touch with campus activities and submit editorials. To see what they are producing or contribute, visit www.miralomatoday.com

    Creative Writers find their outlets and like-minded students submitting writing or joining the PRISMS Club. 

    Each club, activity, or group is designed to allow students to feel as connected to Mira Loma as they want to be! Connect with the campus today!