• Welcome to Arlington Heights Elementary!

    The mission of Arlington Heights Elementary School created collaboratively with staff, parents and community through site strategic planning is as follows:  In partnership with families and community the mission of Arlington Heights Elementary School is to ensure that each student builds a strong, innovative academic foundation by instilling an appreciation for human values, utilizing challenging and engaging instruction and inspiring life long learners.

    School Profile
    Arlington Heights Elementary is one of 34 elementary schools in the San Juan Unified School District.  The curriculum provided is aligned to the California Common Core Standards. The 353 students attending Arlington Heights are 63.0% white, 20.0% Hispanic/Latino, and 11.0% African American. Thirty of our students are English language learners, with Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian being the predominate languages, and 57% of students are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Additionally, 8% are receiving special education services.  The curriculum provided is aligned to the California Content Standards and transitioning to the Common Core State Standards. The school supports cultural awareness on a daily basis through its diverse literature selections and other school activities. Arlington Height’s programs reflect the interests and needs of its students and the surrounding community.

    Community Building Assembly - Mustang Rally 
    Monthly, we hold an all school assembly to focus on positive awards for citizenship, character education, classroom recognition and school spirit. During the assembly, students who have excelled in academic, citizenship, attendance and school spirit are recognized with our school's lanyard and charm system. On a weekly basis students earn "Arli Caught Ya's" slips for demonstrating positive school expectations and are entered in a drawing for prizes. in the beginning of the year, we will teach school-wide expectations for recess rules and procedures.

    Critical Thinking and STEAM Initiatives
    Since 2013, Arlington Heights Elementary has used the Seminars in Critical Literacy as it's approach to literature and writing. It frames our thinking as our learning community approaches literature and the world through conceptual lenses. In Fall 2016, the site begins the process of incorporating STEAM (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach to learning with the intention of fully adopting STEAM as a site learning community in beginning fall 2017. This will enhance teaching-learning through an interdisciplinary, applied and project-based approach to better prepare our students for Next Generation Science Standards and 21st century learning overall.
Last Modified on January 31, 2017