• Pink and blue

    Big Dreams for a Future Small Business Owner ~ Tabitha L.

        I have loved all things beauty and artsy since I was young. I loved dressing up, calling myself a fashionista, and drawing in preschool. I always wanted makeup when I was little, but wasnt allowed to wear it so I would draw faces and use the makeup on them instead. I took art classes when I was 6 and have been drawing fashion designs my whole life.

         I always love to have painted nails or go to the salon and get that little dotted flower after the manicure or pedicure, but there was a whole world of nails that I still knew nothing about...

         Over the summer before starting high school, I got a KISS cosmetics acrylic nail kit to finally do acrylic nails on myself, but I rushed it and I didnt know as much as I thought I did... towards the end of the summer I learned about poly gel. With poly gel you can use dual forms, which make it super easy to give yourself an at home manicure or build out a nail just like you would with acrylic. It doesn't dry until you cure it so you have plenty of time to get it right, unlike acrylic which starts hardening the minute you start to work with it. So I did some more research and watched some more videos.

         Ater...making my [Instagram] account public so that I could get my work out there I started to enter some nail art giveaways here and there and meet other nail artists. One of these giveaways was with a gel polish company called The Gel New York. It wasn't as much of a giveaway as it was them trying to find nail artists to recruit to test their gel polishes. I was chosen and they told my that if I made nail art with the polishes and shared my designs to Instagram then give an honest review that I had a chance to be a VIP Gelian.

       After the period was up I waited a bit and didn't hear anything about who was VIP, but then they announced that one of my nail artist friends and I had been chosen as VIP!

         I asked [another] nail artist who was chosen as VIP if she would want to do a collaboration with me. The theme we chose was Glam Christmas since it was around Christmas time and the colors we were testing, I thought, were pretty glam. Also around the holidays I started to get some DMs asking if I would test some products in exchange for a review.

         [Next,] I got a very exciting message from The Gel New York. They asked me if I would make nail art tutorials with their polishes for their YouTube channel. I have recorded 6 videos for them so far.

         I have worked hard to get to the point I am at today and I really want a career in doing nails.  I will always have bumps in the road, but right now I am feeling pretty successful. I am glad that I started this journey early so that I will have plenty of experience once I get to where I'm going!