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    Andrea Kester, K-1, new to Trajan, likes bike riding, cooking, hiking, traveling, has hiked in the Alps  Julie Abrahms; 3rd grade; at Trajan 25 years; has 2 daughters, has a dog named Kody  Summer Stuart; IA, loves camping, hiking, the beach, has 4 children who all went to Trajan  Natalie Fitzpatrick, kinder, grew up in an Air Force family, has a horse, son plays basketball at Sac State, speaks Russian  Dan Alexander, 3rd, likes basketball, golf, hanging out with his kids, camping, the beach, has 2 daughters, very tall  Sami McIntyre, soon Mrs Rodriguez, PE, likes hiking, camping, weightlifting, yoga, cooking, her dog, has a twin brother   Shannon Delzer, 5th, likes singing, theater, puzzles, board games, crafts, worked at Disneyland and was in a rock band  Heber Cameros, IA, likes painting, rock climbing & board games, owns 75 board games  Samantha Racina, Technology, Likes guitar, dancing, music, her dog Cooper, went skydiving  Michele Bunney, 1st, likes crafting, screenprinting, football, Dallas Cowboys fan Michele Horner, 4th/5th grade teacher, likes gardening, hiking, camping, reading, has 2 sons at Pasteur & Casa