• Dear Cowan P.E. Families,

    As we begin our next phase of learning I want to ensure that you are informed of what the Hybrid models will look like for Physical Education on our campus.

    What is Hybrid Learning in P.E.?

    Hybrid learning in P.E. will continue to be at home Remote Learning. There will be no P.E. offered in-person for our students to ensure equity and safety. Students will attend P.E. once a week via Zoom as usual and asynchronous assignments will be offered, but not mandatory. Each P.E. class will be 30 minutes in length and will be scheduled according to the Cohort assigned.

    Will my child’s P.E. schedule be different during hybrid learning?

    Yes, our P.E. schedule has been adjusted during the Hybrid Learning Phase. This change will apply to all students. What this means is that your student’s P.E. Zoom meeting time will change, but the Zoom code will not. I will be teaching 5 days a week, all day except for the lunch/transition break (Thursdays I am teaching at another site). Classroom teachers will help roll out your student’s new P.E. schedule as well as my communication via Physical Education Google Classroom. Please have your student check their P.E. GC daily. That is where I will be posting the schedule and important information as we finish the school year.

    Hybrid Cohort Groups:

    As you know, students are assigned Cohorts (A, B, & C). Since I am servicing Cowan 4 days each week, I will see every class every week. There will not be a “Week 1 and Week 2” for P.E. To create consistency in our groupings, the Cohorts are scheduled to have P.E. on the same day. On Monday/Tuesday, I will see B/C Cohorts in the morning and A Cohorts in the afternoon on the same day.  On Wednesdays, I will see whole groups. On Fridays, I will see A/C Cohorts in the morning and B Cohorts in the afternoon on the same day. Confusing? All you have to do is have your student make a weekly schedule that they can post near their computer and they will learn to remember their ONE P.E. time slot!


    P.E. is meaningful, standards-based, and good for student’s health! Please try not to miss! Busy families are welcome to reach out to me to combine family members if needed. I will do my best to accommodate you if it does not interfere with any other Specialists or interventions. Students may NOT miss P.E. due to non-mandated tutoring, etc. Grades will be based solely on Zoom participation – content and effort. That means they need to be appropriately ready to be active, videos on, and responsive. There will be content activities in each lesson to show learning as well as activity to stay healthy. We will only have approximately 9 weeks to go….we can do this!

    I hope you continue to stay well and I look forward to partnering with you during this next phase of learning.

    Judy Jordan