• Welcome to El Camino's Online Payment System: MySchoolBucks

    Payments are accepted online for basic fines, fees, and class donations.  

    If you have lost a book or another item belonging to El Camino High School, you can pay online.  If you have received a letter or an email stating the amount of the fine, you can pay the amount directly through the online service.  If you are not sure of the amount, please contact our Librarian, Andrea Catania, for library books, or our Textbook Clerk, Holly Thompson, for textbooks.

    Andrea Catania: ecfhslibrary@sanjuan.edu

    Holly Thompson: ecfhstextbooks@sanjuan.edu

    Cash and check payments can be made in person at the El Camino Finance Office.  Please email Ms. Pierce or call 916-971-5900 ext. 201807 if you have questions. 

    Joanne Pierce: jpierce@sanjuan.edu

    Click here to access the MySchoolBucks website

    *To use the online payment system, you will need to create a new account or use an existing account.