• What is FLEX period at Rio Americano 2021-2022


    CLICK HERE to download the May/June Flex Calendar


    What is the purpose for Rio Americano’s FLEX period?
    A 30-minute academic support/enrichment period that is built into the instructional day and is
    available for ALL students in ALL content areas four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
    Friday. The period of time, Flex period, rotates from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th period every 1 ½
    weeks. Students are able to have additional time to be supported in ALL classes.


    Why did Rio Americano High School develop the FLEX period?
    Students need opportunities to receive support and enrichment when available. While we have
    often offered tutoring and other means of support for our students, not all students would access
    tutoring which often occurs before or after school, and it has not been built into the schedule..
    With the 30-minute FLEX period students are now provided with opportunities to receive help as
    needed every week.


    When does the FLEX period take place?
    Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. In some instances, however, FLEX will not be
    available. For example, we do not have FLEX on Minimum Days or on the PSAT testing days.


    Who Attends FLEX?
    Every student. Students that have open periods will be directed to common areas for support
    where staff will be present.