Today, at 10:15, Coyle Avenue Elementary School decided to take precautionary measures and go into "Shelter-in-place" due to law enforcement presence in the neighborhood due to an incident south of Madison.  "Shelter-in-place" is where students are in the classroom, doors and windows are locked but instruction continues.  This was a site decision based on information known and not known.
    After information from law enforcement regarding the incident, the "Shelter-in-place" was lifted at 11:00. A Facebook message was issued with information and updates.
    Thank you to all the students and staff who immediately followed our safety protocol.  Thank you to all parents who supported and trusted us here at Coyle.
    Since safety is our number 1 priority, we practice our safety drills monthly to stay prepared and ready for emergency situations.  While Coyle Avenue was safe at all times, we were proud to see how well trained we were! 
Last Modified on April 27, 2015