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    Student Handbook

    Student Learning and Accountability



    San Juan High School is a community that provides an environment so that all students have an opportunity to engage in meaningful learning. Students are respectful and engage in behavior that supports learning by following the Spartan Way.


    The Spartan Ways


    Set a Positive Example

    Prepare Yourself for the Future

    Arrive on Time

    Respect Yourself and Others

    Take Appropriate Risks

    Assume Responsibility for Your Actions

    Never Quit

    Succeed in all that you do



    San Juan will educate and empower students to compete and achieve in a diverse, global community.




    San Juan is committed to focusing on high expectations and individual academic success and to creating a community of respect and responsibility.

    The Three C’s


    Expected Student Learning Results


    Upon graduation, each student will be a:

    1. Critical Thinker
    • Selects appropriate resources to gather information
    • Questions, analyzes, synthesizes, and evaluates gathered information
    • Selects, monitors, and adjusts problem solving strategies
    • Considers alternatives and makes decisions


    1. Collaborative Worker
    • Contributes to a group
    • Encourages other group members



    • Community Contributor


    • Demonstrates respect for self and others
    • Abides by the rules, laws and regulations written for school and community



    Alma Mater

    Alma Mater, San Juan High

    We are members true.

    With your colors red and white

    We’ll remember you.

    San Juan, San Juan

    Memories will linger on

    For we love you mighty Spartan

    Hail to you, San Juan

    Restorative Justice System and Peer Judicial Panel

    Student behavior is often combative when students are not active participants in the rules that govern them.  When students are empowered through a systematic approach, they take ownership for their behavior and community.


    Restorative Justice Advocacy

    A central component to address bullying and harassment is the development of the Restorative Justice Advocacy (RJA) to empower students to be productive and contributing citizens through an integrated student accountability system. RJA contributes to school conflict resolution in a variety of ways including:  involvement of all parties in conflict resolution through a fair process, a focus on repairing relationships and trust, rather than on retribution or punishment, a focus on sharing views and experiences and developing empathy for others in the school community.



    • To reduce the negative impact that is caused by conflicts, which damage the school culture.
    • To reduce the number of negative incidents that are a result of student behaviors on the school campus, which lead to the exclusion of students from learning.
    • To increase the number of positive interactions that students encounter from their peers; this will lead to increased student achievement.
    • To build a student-led community where students take ownership of, and are accountable for, creating positive relationships and a positive culture throughout the greater school community.


    Program Objectives

    To empower students to take ownership in building a school culture that is committed to creating, maintaining and repairing positive relationships with all members in the school community.  

    • Increase student voice in the governance of school policy.
    • Offer ways to enhance the school environment to prevent conflict and restore relationships after conflict arises.
    • Create a system where students are accountable to themselves and others.
    • Build strong positive relationships among students


    Restorative Justice – Trained student leaders will be working collaboratively with students who have been harmed and students who have caused harm to one or more people, to resolve conflicts.  

    • Students will be trained in peer mediation
    • Students will mediate non-egregious conflicts, which occur on campus or extend into the community, that affect relationships on the school campus.
    • Students will work diligently to engage all active members in restoring relationships.


    Peer Judicial Panel – A diverse panel of students, selected by staff and peers, will act as a collaborative compliance panel to make decisions based on the harm the student(s) has (have) done to others.  

    • Three-person panel will hear the circumstances that surround the students who are being accountable.
    • Three-person panel will collaborate on the recommendation of two options of ownership, a corrected behavior and a consequence.
    • Three-person panel will analyze conflicts to ensure the most appropriate actions are taken to restore relationships while supporting students to be accountable.
    • All panel members will be responsible to the school to ensure communication is brought forth to the student body about the success of the program, areas needing improvement, meetings and support.

    Students engaging in behavior that does not support learning may receive one or more consequences listed below:


    1. Detention (during lunch or after school)
    2. Community Service (within the confines of the school grounds)
    3. Campus clean-up and beautification of the campus
    4. Social probation (which means students may not participate in extracurricular activities) which includes no practice/games in sports, no dances, no assets program, graduation, etc.
    5. Alternative consequence agreed by panel
    6. Referred to administration for further discipline


    Students may bring their bikes, skateboards, or scooters to school and secure them in the proper lockers in B or D hallways. Bikes must be locked on the bike racks. For safety reasons and protection of personal property (skateboards/scooters) students cannot store boards in classrooms or walk through hallways with them. They must be kept in lockers all day.  A skateboard rack is available in C-4 the Security Office.  Walk your item on and off campus before riding. San Juan High is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


    Dress code:

    Hats: Students are permitted to wear hats inside classrooms at teacher discretion. Gang insignias, residential designations or offensive symbols or words are not permitted. 

    Hoodies: The hoods of hoodies should not be worn inside the classroom, but can be worn outside the classroom as long as it does not obscure the face. 

    Shoes: Slippers are not permitted.

    Shirts: Shirts must fall below the belly button. Exposed stomach, cleavage, strapless garment top, spaghetti straps (halter tops, tube tops, etc.) and exposed brassiere parts are considered inappropriate dress attire and are not permitted.  Sleeveless shirts are permitted as long as they adhere to the above standards AND the shoulder straps are 2 inches or more in width.

    Shorts: Must have a 3-inch inseam when sitting or walking and cannot be obtained by pulling pant legs down. Under wear cannot be shown from sagging shorts or pants. Sagging is not permitted. 


                             Hall Passes:

    All students are required to sign out of class through Google Doc with their student ID. No student ID, no use of bathroom, locker, water, etc. A student requesting personal time is granted permission from a teacher when leaving a classroom. Students are permitted two passes per day. Students are granted seven minutes per hall pass. If you do not have a hall pass filled out correctly on Google Docs or past 7 minutes when stopped, it will result in PJP. Students are responsible for their own ID. Replacements are available in the counseling office for $3.


    Inappropriate Language:

    The use of inappropriate language on campus is not a good way of expression of language, is offensive, and distracts students from learning. Cursing or vulgar language (sexual talks) is prohibited as well as inappropriate body language (middle finger, gang signs, sexual gestures, inappropriate sign language). Students shall not use derogatory language that is directed at a group, as all students on campus have the right to be treated with respect regardless of race, cultural beliefs, religious background and/or sexual orientation.      

    Public Displays of Affection (PDA)

    Being overly affectionate at school is not in good taste and distracts students from learning.  Students should refrain from inappropriate, intimate behaviors on campus or at school related events and activities.  Students are expected to show good taste and conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times.  Affection on campus will be limited to holding hands and appropriate hugging.  Lewd and/or inappropriate PDA such as kissing, touching, etc., will not be tolerated 


    Unsafe Behavior

    Unsafe behavior is prohibited on school grounds. Unsafe behavior includes: slap boxing, horse playing, pushing and shoving (even joking), running in halls, fake fighting, etc. Any Spartan displaying unsafe behavior will be referred to PJP.


    Lack of Accountability within the Spartan Way will result in a consequence to be determined by the PJP Advisor and Administration.


    General Information & Expectations


    Academic Dishonesty

    Students are expected to do their own work at all times. Examples of academic dishonesty include plagiarism (copying the work of another and representing it as your own) and cheating. Engaging in academic dishonesty will automatically result in a zero on the assignment for all parties involved. Additional consequences may be given.


                             Athletic Eligibility Guidelines

    In order to remain eligible, a student must maintain a 2.0 with no more than one F grade whenever a school wide report card is issued. If a student falls below a 2.0 grade point average (and/or receives more than 1F grade), they are ineligible. If they attend an intervention program, they may practice, but cannot play in games.  Please see the Athletic Director for more information regarding participation.



    Regular attendance is of prime importance to student success.  Irregular attendance often results in students failing to meet minimum graduation requirements. 


    Reporting Absences:

    Absences must be cleared within 5 school days or they are marked as truancies.   To report or clear absences call (916) 971-5147 (24 hours) or if you wish to speak to the attendance secretary, call (916) 971-5152. It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to monitor the student’s attendance records for accuracy. Students and parents can also check attendance on Q Parent Portal.




    SJHS provides breakfast and lunch services for students.  Students who eat in the Cafeteria are expected to assist in keeping it clean.  Free and reduced price lunches are available for students who qualify.  Application forms are available online.


    Commencement Participation Requirements

    In order to participate in commencement ceremonies, students must:


    • Fulfill credit requirements
    • Have fewer than 36 periods of truancies for full year, students graduating mid-year 18 periods.  Seniors entering Spring semester 18 periods. 
    • Not be on social probation at the time of commencement ceremony 



    Campus Visitors 

    All persons having business to conduct on campus must first report to the Main Office and sign in.   Unauthorized visitors will be referred to law enforcement.  Parents are welcome to visit their student’s classes with prior approval at least 24 hours in advance. Alumni students are not permitted to visit while school is in session unless appointed pre-arranged with specific staff members. 


    Computer Use

    Except as required, the use of school computers and access to the Internet is a privilege.  Students who do not follow the rules may be disciplined, and may lose computer privileges.  When students use school computers they agree to follow:

    • The directions of teachers and school staff
    • Rules of the school and school district; and the rules of any computer network they access.
    • Students agree to be considerate and respectful of others.
    • Use school computers for school-related education and research only
    • Do not change any software or documents (except documents you create)
    • Do not produce, distribute, access, use, or store information which: is prohibited by law, District or school rules; violates copyright laws; is obtained by trespassing in private or confidential files; would subject the District or individual to liability, is obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit; causes delay, disruption or harm to systems, programs.


    Career Technical Education (CTE)

    CTE programs offer students an opportunity to experience on the job training in various career fields while earning school credit.  CTE students are required to carry their CTE identification cards when on any high school campus.



    The Counseling Office will assist students in making meaningful educational and career decisions. Parents or students who need information regarding student progress overall or in an individual class should contact the Counseling Office at (916) 971-5120.

    Dance Regulations

    All students are required to have a current San Juan High School student ID card to enter a school dance.  Students may invite one friend meeting SJUSD guidelines from another school by getting a guest pass from administration during the week the dance is being held.  All school rules including dress code are enforced.  Sexually suggestive dancing is prohibited.


    Defiance of Authority

    Students are expected to comply with all reasonable requests or directives by any and all school personnel to follow school and classroom rules may result in disciplinary action.



    Flowers, balloons, gifts, food, etc., may not be delivered to students during the school day.          


    Disruption of School

    Any conduct that disrupts the instructional process or normal operations of the school day is not acceptable.  May result in disciplinary action.


                             Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol

    Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol are not permitted, on or around campus.  This includes but is not limited to the front of the school, sidewalks to and from school, and businesses along Greenback Lane, Mariposa, field area, and the stadium. Use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol will result in consequences such as, but not limited to, PASS, suspension, social probation, and referral to law enforcement.  This also includes smokeless devices, such as vapor pens, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other items identified by law enforcement.


               Early Dismissals

    Every effort should be made to schedule appointments and other personal activities outside of school hours. If it can’t be avoided, an early dismissal may be obtained from the Attendance Office with a note or phone call from a parent.   If a student becomes ill while at school, he/she should report to the Attendance Office. Students will call home from the office. Students that leave campus without a verified early dismissal will receive disciplinary action.


    Electronic Devices:

    Electronic devices cannot be used in the classroom.  (This includes cell phones, IPads, IPods, headsets, and anything attached to your ears).  Speakers can be listened to during lunch only.


                             Emergency Cards

    Students must have two (2) completed and signed emergency cards as well as your email address on file.  It is very important to have accurate information in emergency situations.  Alternative phone numbers are needed in case parents cannot be reached. If a student moves or changes telephone numbers, it is important to update his/her emergency cards.



    A student who is expelled may not attend any school or alternative instructional program within the San Juan Unified School District for the duration of the expulsion.            


                             Fighting/Physical Contact/Horseplay

    San Juan High School is a safe environment and will not tolerate physical altercations.  All students involved in a physical altercation including horseplay will receive a consequence which may include suspension, expulsion, and may be referred to law enforcement.  Students that watch and film a physical altercation will also be subject to disciplinary action.

    Finance Office:

                The Finance Office is located next to the attendance office.  This office takes care of payment for lost textbooks, yearbook purchases, ASB activities, and fines for lost or damaged equipment.  Checks are accepted for the exact amount of purchase ONLY and must be made payable to San Juan High School.  This applies to all purchases.  Persons having checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $20 handling fee.  After April 15, the school will accept money orders or cash only.  Students must present an ID to use the services of the Finance Office.


    Failure to pay for lost books, damaged equipment, etc., will jeopardize students’ participation in graduation and in extracurricular activities such as athletics, dances, etc.


    Submissions to the vice principal office must occur prior to posting any flyers on campus. There will only be a limit of 25 flyers per event.  Each flyer must be stamped by the Vice Principal secretary before posted on campus. 



    Any communications with the school that are forged or falsified will result in disciplinary action. All notes excusing absences or requesting an early dismissal must be signed by the parent or legal guardian and may be verified by phone contact with parents or guardians.



    Harassment (racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and handicapped, etc.) of any kind will not be tolerated.  Students will be suspended for harassment, may be recommended for expulsion, and will be referred to law enforcement.  There is zero tolerance.

    Health Services

    It is imperative that each student has a completed EMERGENCY CARE CARD on file with current home, work and emergency contact phone numbers and medical insurance information.   If a student needs immediate medical attention, 911 will be called.  If a student becomes ill at school, he/she is to report to the Attendance Office where the parent/guardian will be called.  Students who are required to take any type of medication during school hours must have on file in the Main Office, a Consent and Request for Oral Medication during School Day signed by a physician and parent or guardian.  This applies to over-the-counter medicine as well as prescription medicine.  (The prescription label is not considered to be an order from a physician to allow school personnel to administer medication.) 

    I.D. Cards/Student Body Stickers

    I.D. cards are issued to each student and students are required to carry their ID cards with them while at school and at school activities.  These ID cards are required to receive services in the Library and at the Finance Office, to purchase dance tickets, and for admission to all school activities.  



    All students participating in interscholastic sports and performance groups are required by the Education Code to have adequate accident/medical insurance.  San Juan Unified School District does not provide student and athletic accident insurance; it does make available several insurance coverage plans through an independent insurance company.  If you do not have private medical insurance, it is recommended that you purchase insurance.  The application forms are available in the Finance Office.  All students are eligible to apply for this insurance.


    As a convenience for students lockers are available to use for the school year. Lockers are to be assigned at the beginning of the school year in the vice principal office and are not to be shared. The school is not responsible for books or private property left in lockers. The school is not responsible for theft, damage, lost or stolen items. All books and valuables should be taken out at night and on weekends.


    Lost and Found is located in the Security Office, C4.


    Out of Bound Areas During School

    The parking lots, football stadium, back fields, and in front of the school are out of bounds.  In addition, the driveway behind the cafeteria.  This is for student safety. This is from the time students arrive on campus until the time they leave including lunch and passing periods.


    Parent Communication

    Parents are encouraged to be active in their student’s education.  When concerns or questions about a student’s progress or behavior develop, please contact the teacher or the appropriate school office. Parents are welcome to visit their student’s classes.  In order to avoid a disruption to the classes or activities, we ask that the parent contact the administration in advance to arrange a visitation at least 24 hours in advance.


    Parental Liability

    The parent/guardian of any pupil (minor) whose willful misconduct results in injury or death to any pupil or any person employed by or performing volunteer services for the San Juan Unified School District or who in any way damages property, real or personal, belonging to the school district, or personal property of any employee shall be liable for all such damages caused by the pupil not to exceed seven thousand five hundred dollars ($7,500).  The school district, whose real or personal property has been willfully cut, defaced or otherwise injured, or whose property is loaned to a pupil and willfully not returned upon the demand of any employee of the District authorized to make the demand, may, after affording the pupil due process rights, withhold grades, diploma, and transcripts of the pupil responsible for the damage until the pupil or pupil’s parent/guardian has paid for the damages.

                Parking Lot

    Student parking is located in the lots adjacent to the large gymnasium and the varsity baseball field.  Students are not to loiter in any of the parking lots before school, during passing periods, or lunch.  The parking lots are off limits during the school day. Students who violate this rule are subject to consequences. All students must register their vehicle at the beginning of each semester in the vice principal office. 


                Questioning by Outside Agency

                A law enforcement agent, upon request and with appropriate identification, has the authority/right to question students while at school.



    Students may not sell, exchange, or barter any goods or services except for fundraisers authorized by Administration and Student Government.


    School Pictures

    Students will have their pictures taken during the first semester.  These photographs are important for student body cards, student ID, yearbook and personal and family use.


    Search of Student Possessions

    SJHS reserves the right to examine and/or search all student possessions, including contents in cell phones and lockers when a school official has reasonable cause to believe that the student may be in possession of anything illegal, threatening, or dangerous.


    Sexual Harassment

    Any student who feels that he/she is being harassed should immediately contact the administration.  The Uniform Complaint Procedure (AR1312.3) is available in the administration office        



    Slurs of any type (racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, handicapped, etc.) are prohibited at all times.  The school has zero tolerance for such behavior.  Students will be held accountable for their actions.

    Social Probation

    Students on social probation will be denied the privilege of attending or participating in extracurricular activities, including the Commencement Ceremony. Students that violate the social probation contract will receive additional consequences as assigned by the admin.  


    Student/Parents Advisement of School & District Policies

    School and District guidelines governing student behavior are set by San Juan Board Policy 5144 and California Education Code 48900.   Any infraction of District rules while on school grounds, coming to or going from school, at a school sponsored activity, or while going to or coming from a school sponsored activity, will result in disciplinary action.  San Juan Unified School District guidelines governing student behavior can be found on New San Juan High School’s website. A copy of the district guidelines can also be obtained in the Vice Principal’s office.


    Student Government

    The Student Government at San Juan seeks to involve all students and give them a voice in student affairs.  Student body and class elections are held each spring, with the exception of freshmen who will have elections in the fall.  The San Juan Student Council is the ultimate government authority for student affairs.  They manage all affairs and finances of the student body.  Student Council members are responsible for approving the calendar, budget, and running elections, elected members of Student Government Association do more than just represent the student body to faculty and administration.  SGA is responsible for shaping much of the student experience at San Juan High School.  This highly active and visible organization serves the entire student body by sponsoring and organizing activities that range from service projects to semi-formal dances.  SGA works closely with all student clubs to support a number of school spirit activities and resources

    Any student desiring to run for Class Representative or Student Government office can obtain a petition for candidacy from Student Government before the deadline date in the spring.  Those seeking office must meet the following qualifications:    
    •    Possess a current student body card
    •    Have and maintain a 2.0 GPA with no “F’s” in academics and no grade less than a “C” in citizenship
    •    Suspensions - Two (2) suspensions will result in removal from student government.
    Student Government is responsible for planning rallies and spirit weeks, organizing and decorating for dances, developing fund-raisers for Student Body as well as each class, forming and keeping track of the Student Body budget, advertising and publicizing school functions and events, and helping to maintain a positive atmosphere on campus


    Student Responsibilities:

    San Juan staff members believe a positive school climate motivates students to reach their potential.  The use of self-discipline provides the student training and experience to develop into a responsible member of the larger community and society in general.  In setting up rules for a positive school environment, the staff makes every effort to make reasonable requests based on the need for individual safety.  Students are expected to follow all school and District policies.  In addition to our obligation to comply with general school rules, students should understand that they have the same obligation to each classroom teacher.  Students are expected to attend class daily, be respectful to all staff and fellow students, and put 100% effort into their learning experience. 


    Student Rights:

    Students have rights, as do all citizens, under the Constitution, as well as State Law and District policy.  Their rights include:


    1. The right to be heard.  Students are encouraged to voice constructive criticism through Student Government, student advisory committees, teachers, counselors, administrators, and any other channels of communication as long as that process does not substantially disrupt the orderly operation of the school (California Education Code 48916, San Juan Unified School District Policy 5137 and San Juan Unified School District Policy 5161).
    2. The right to an education in a safe, clean environment (San Juan School District Policy 3621).
    3. The right to full use of class time for receiving instruction and for learning.
    4. The right to fair, consistent and respectful treatment by staff members and other students.
    5. The right to a hearing before a penalty is imposed.  When a student has been referred for some wrongdoing, that student will be afforded the opportunity to offer his/her version of the incident to school authorities (San Juan Unified School District Policy 5161).
    6. The right to seek redress of grievances through the District grievance procedure (San Juan School District Policy 5161).  Should you believe that a violation of laws, policies, or procedures has infringed on your legal rights, there are two avenues by which to seek redress.  To seek redress of the grievance first discuss the problem with the principal, and then file a written grievance with the principal, if necessary.   The time limit for filing a grievance shall be no later than ten (10) days after discovery of the alleged violation.  

    Normally, an academic or citizenship grade cannot be grieved since Education Code 1073 states that no one other than the teacher can change a grade, academic or citizenship.  However, a student may file a grievance if the student believes that the process of arriving at the grade has involved mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency.   Forms for grievance are available from the Principal.  Details of these grievance procedures are available in the Main Office.



    Suspension is the temporary removal of a pupil from school for disciplinary reasons.  While on suspension the student is not to attend or participate in school activities.  A student who accumulates 15 days of suspensions can be referred to Student Intervention and Review for placement in an alternative educational program. Students that are suspended may be placed on social probation up to 30 days. Students may not participate or attend any extracurricular activities, including athletic events while on suspensions.


    With our limited personnel, only emergency messages from parents will be delivered to students.  School phones are available to students at lunch and before and after school ONLY.  Students calling home for permission to leave school for illness or appointments must call from the Attendance Office.


    Textbook/Equipment Losses

    Students and parents are responsible for the safekeeping and return of all textbooks, library books and equipment or uniforms that have been checked out to the student.  When items are not returned, a fee will be assessed to cover the value of the item. 

    Theft/Receiving Stolen Property 

    Students can be suspended for stealing other students’, staff, or school property, or for being in possession of stolen property.  Restitution will be required for all stolen or damaged property. A referral to law enforcement and recommendation for expulsion may result.



      Transcripts are mailed twice a year.  The transcript reflects grades and credits earned for the semester and is a part of each student's permanent record. Progress reports and report cards are distributed to the student.  Please retain all transcripts and report cards. Students may request official copies of transcripts to be mailed to colleges. 


    Truancies and Tardies

    Students miss valuable learning opportunities when a portion of a class or an entire class is missed. Students with four or more truancies will be seen by administration at 6, 12, and 18 weeks each semester.  Please remember that truancies are accumulated throughout the year.
    A student who arrives at school after 8:00 am should go directly to the attendance office to get a late slip. Students will not be allowed to enter class after this point without the late slip.


    Tardy Policy:

    3 – 5:  Detention

    6 – 10: 2 Detentions

    11 or more: PASS

    Further disciplinary action will take place

    Tardies reset beginning of each 9-week period


    Uniform Complaint Procedures 

    (District Policy 1312.3) The District has established Uniform Complaint Procedures (as required by Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations).  The Uniform Complaint Procedures have been adopted to ensure that the District complies with State and Federal laws or regulations governing educational programs.  Allegations of unlawful discrimination, including harassment, may be based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, physical or mental disability, or sexual harassment.  The District’s Uniform Complaint Procedures contain appeal and review procedures and advise interested parties of civil law remedies.  The District’s general counsel, Linda C. T. Simlick, has been designated as the Title IX Coordinator/Compliance Officer at (916) 971-7110.  The District prohibits retaliation against any participant in the complaint process.  Each complaint shall be investigated promptly and in a way that respects the privacy of all parties concerned.  For more information for resolving complaints, contact the District’s Coordinator/Compliance Office at (916) 971-7110.  If a person believes that he or she has been subjected to retaliation or harassment, he/she may file a separate complaint under the Uniform Complaint Procedures.



    All students and staff are encouraged to treat the facilities with respect and help in maintaining a clean environment. Parents/guardians will be responsible for paying for any damages done to school facilities or grounds by their child.



    Students who bring guns, knives, or replicas or dangerous objects to school or school activities will receive a five (5) day suspension, recommendation for expulsion, and referral to law enforcement.  THIS INCLUDES IMITATION weapons/knives.


    Work Permits

    Students may pick up a work permit application in the Administration Office. Work permits will be issued to students who meet and maintain the following conditions:
    •    Students’ academic grades must meet required standards (2.0 GPA at the end of each grading period.)
    •    Students’ school attendance must meet acceptable standards.   Students are to turn in current attendance and grades with applications.
    •    Students not meeting academic or attendance standards will be issued a probationary work permit.  Failure to improve grades and/or attendance by the next grading period will result in the loss of the work permit privilege.
    •    Students who have more than one “F” will not receive a work permit until their grades improve.
    All work permit request forms will have an attached contract to be read and signed by the student applicant and his/her parent/guardian.