Dress code expectations:

    1. Shorts or skirts of appropriate length - covering to the mid thigh.

    2. Bare midriffs, tube tops, half shirts, muscle shirts, halter tops, and spaghetti straps are not permitted.

    3. Clothing that exposes undergarments or private body parts is not acceptable.

    4. Inappropriate messages on any article of clothing are not to be worn at school. This includes any reference to drugs, alcohol, violence, vulgarity, weapons, profanity or sexually suggestive.

    4. Shoes need to be safe for PE and/or recess.  Bare feet are not permitted. Shoes should be appropriate for ALL school activities.

    5.. Attire that distracts the learning environment (i.e. face costume make-up, costume clothing, offensive language and costume accessories) 

    6. Other attire considered to be inappropriate will be referred to the office.

    ZONES: Further information about the "ZONES of Coverage" can be found here and in the student planners