• Mesa Verde High School 22-23

    Steps to signing up for AP Testing


    1. Create an account with totalregistration.net. If you previously used TR, your information
    will already exist in their system. Be sure to use the same email address. Use their login
    assistance, if necessary. 

    2. Pay for exams with a credit card or check. Set up a payment plan, if necessary.

    3. Free/Reduced Lunch students may ask for a reduced fee. Those students will be
    waitlisted until the AP Coordinator can confirm or deny the request. Confirmed students
    will then be allowed to complete the transaction with a $5 fee per exam. Denied students
    will be notified. Denied students may request a Fee Waiver Statement of Income
    Eligibility available from Ms. Mitchell at the front desk of the Counseling Office. This form
    must be completed by parents and returned to the Counseling Office, so the Coordinator
    can approve the previously denied request. The student will then be allowed to complete
    the transaction in Total Registration with a $5 fee per exam. 

    4. Register with the College Board at myap.collegeboard.org and access your account. If
    you took the PSAT, SAT or an AP course, you will already have an account waiting for
    you. Use their login assistance, if necessary. 

    5. Confirm your AP classes. Students are not required to take any AP Exams. 

    6. The system starts out with a default “yes” selection. It must be changed to no for
    students not wanting to test. Submit drop requests to the Google AP Exam Drop Form.

    7. Even if you don’t plan on taking an AP Exam, registering in MyAP allows you to access
    materials your teacher will be using in class to teach the content and curriculum. 

    8. If you change your mind about your testing status, you must submit your request on the
    Google AP Exam Drop Form.

    9. Refunds occur through Total Registration, not at Mesa Verde HS.